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Chargers by the (Jersey) Numbers: #59


Charles Anthony, LB

Craig Bingham, OLB

Greg Clark, LB

Andy Hawkins, OLB

Toran James, LB

Sam Rogers, LB

Brandon Siler, LB

Franklin Tate, LB

John Taylor, LB

Cliff Thrift, LB

Steve Tovar, LB

Ken Woodard, LB

Glen Young, LB

As the interminable wait for the draft continues, I thought I’d finally get us through the 50s.

Runner Up


Pete Barnes, LB

Barnes is relatively unknown mainly because he played on some pretty bad teams.  He played 4 seasons for the Chargers (’69-‘72) after a stint in Houston.  In that time, he amassed 11 interceptions – as a linebacker.  Not bad for that time and era.  And he even returned one for a touchdown.


What can I say – it’s a pretty lean number.


The Winner


Donnie Edwards, LB

Edwards had a fairly illustrious career before coming to the Chargers (something that the committee doesn’t shine too kindly on.  But one thing the committee does shine kindly on is 5 seasons of 120+ tackles (four of them over 140!), 17 interceptions, 7 sacks, 3 touchdowns and a Pro Bowl appearance!


Edwards didn’t redefine the middle linebacker position or any such nonsense, but he was a nice fit, and the defense got better every year.


Edwards’ demise with the team was an unfortunate case of he said/he said.  Ultimately, it was A.J. pushing his weight around – as he did before and has done since.  But no one can take away what Edwards accomplished as a Charger.  And now, no one can take his Golden Jersey.