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Serious Business: 4/11 Chargers Links

LT should bite his lip, not hand that fed him - Nick Canepa -
Since being released by the Chargers, the great tailback, once the most common among uncommon athletes, always the genuine, humble superstar, has thrown so many people under his bus it’s become impossible for him to drive it straight anymore.

Big names keep moving in new NFL |
Free agency was aimed at giving players a chance to join teams other than the ones that drafted them.  The salary cap gave teams an incentive to dump older players who otherwise hoped to stay put. Nearly 20 years later, it seems like big names are on the move more than ever, at the behest of the teams, not the players.

Sam Farmer’s NFL mock draft 2.0 - Sam Farmer - Chicago Tribune
To piece together my mock draft version 2.0, I simulated a draft by calling, in order, newspaper writers who cover the first-round teams on a daily basis.

Ed Hochuli reflects on "low point of my career" |
Hochuli touched on a number of issues, but the most interesting was the huge mistake he made at the end of an early season game between the Broncos and Chargers in 2008.

How will the Marshall saga end? - Bill Williamson - ESPN
Staying in Denver: I mention this option last because I think this is the last resort for Denver and Marshall. Both sides want to move on. The Broncos want fair trade value and Marshall wants a fair contract extension.

Meet the new guy: Donald Strickland - Jamaal LaFrance -
Chargers cornerback Donald Strickland is one of several veteran players who started his offseason workout program this week

Should The Chargers Draft Terrence Cody?
Terrence Cody is a mammoth defensive tackle. But is he likely to dominate in the NFL, or eat himself right out of the league? Chris and Craig discuss whether or not the Chargers should select Cody with their first-round pick on draft day:

Colts have had no contact with Marcus McNeill |
Charger fans are shocked that Hacksaw would make something like this up.