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TE Kris Wilson Re-Signs with the San Diego Chargers

Welcome to perhaps the busiest day of the offseason, Free Agency Day 1.

The Chargers have started the day on the right foot, locking up Kris Wilson for another two seasons after he showed great promise as a receiving TE in 2009.  Brandon Manumaleuna seems to be getting a lot more interest in Chicago and Baltimore than he is in San Diego, so I would expect Wilson to be #2 on the depth chart come September.

UPDATE: Manumaleuna has signed a five-year deal with the Chicago Bears.


The Antonio Cromartie trade seems less dangerous now that the Jets have announced that they will allow Cro to play out the final year of his contract.  So if he doesn't have a great year with Gang Green, the Jets have essentially sent a 3rd round pick to San Diego for the chance to rent Cromartie for one year.  I, for one, am also happy that reports like this are no-longer Chargers related:

The San Diego Union Tribune reports that Cromartie failed to appear in court twice recently for traffic tickets and owes $799 in traffic-related fines.

He's also scheduled to appear later this month for a "judgment debtor's exam" which has to do with child support he owes to one of the mothers of his children.

Cromartie has at least seven different children with six women and the same paper reported last month he owed $25,000 in child support.