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Get Your Pocket Protectors Ready! - An Hour with Football Outsiders

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If you're one of the many BFTBers that enjoys discussing and dissecting the advanced football statistics put out by Football Outsiders, such as DVOA and those RB Speed Scores Wonko has been discussing lately, you're going to want to make sure you're here at 2PM EST/11AM PST tomorrow.  Bill Barnwell from FO will be stopping by, in the comments section, to answer your Chargers-related questions in real-time.

He'll be around for about an hour so, keeping in mind that one man can only type so fast, you're going to want to be here on time (or early) to get your questions in.

For those fans that are still a little bit confused as to what some of these advanced stats mean, or where they come from, feel free to stop by and ask for some clarification from Bill.  If he can't give you a thorough answer quickly, I'm sure he'll be able to point you to the right page of FO's website that can lead you into the world of the informed football fan.