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Chargers by the (Jersey) Numbers: #58

David Brandon, OLB

Doug Cline, FB-LB

Tom Erlandson, LB

Randall Godfrey, LB

Tom Graham, LB

David Grayson Jr, LB

Mike Green, LB

Marques Harris, LB

Richard Harvey, LB

Harris Jones, G

Mike Lee, LB

Carl McGee, LB

Kevin Murphy, LB

Dewey Selmon, MLB

Mark Slater, C

Mike Stratton, LB

Considering the sheer volume of this and other 50s, I would have expected more out of 58.  Alas, they’re all pretty mediocre and mostly interchangeable linebackers.  No need for suspense, a jump, or a Runner-Up.


The Winner



Lewis Bush, LB

Bush gets the nod, primarily because of his longevity.  He never amassed more than 70 tackles in a season, never had more than 1 interception or 1 sack in a season.  But… he played on a Super Bowl team, and he started in a playoff game.  Good enough!