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Serious Business: 3/26 Chargers Links

A McNabb and Owens reunion in Oakland? - Bill Williamson
Maybe they are ready to play football together again? It’s a stretch, but if Oakland is trying to get McNabb, could Owens be far behind?

Market for QB McNabb is heating up - Jason La Canfora
Several executives on other clubs pointed to the Raiders as the team in heaviest pursuit.

NFL Videos: Norv looks ahead
After losing key players this offseason, Norv Turner talks about the future of the Chargers.

How I See It: AFC West Stock Watch - Bill Williamson
Rising A.J. Smith, Chargers general manager: Smith received some early heat from Chargers fans this offseason after the team lost, traded and cut several big-name veterans. However, Smith has to be back in the good graces of San Diego fans after he traded third-string quarterback Charlie Whitehurst to Seattle.

Building a foundation - Jamaal LaFrance
The Chargers offseason program officially begins Monday and marks the beginning of the 2010 season.

A 3-D look at scouting return men - Paul Kuharsky
An in-depth look at what goes into making a quality returner as well as a look at some of the top return men in this year's draft.

Turner talks about rookie RBs - Bill Williamson
Much of his session centered on the Chargers’ draft needs at running back. San Diego is sure to use a high pick on a running back and Turner seems pleased with the available group. Here is some of what Turner covered: