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Serious Business: 3/24 Chargers Links

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Tackling Inefficiency Rating (Part 3) – Linebackers
James Laurinaitis proved he was a solid tackler at the NFL level with a TIR of 4.67, good enough to place him firmly inside the top 20. Laurinaitis was second among rookies in TIR score, just behind Larry English, but he made 81 more solo stop attempts and only missed four more tackles.

Overtime proposal passes |
McKay stressed that the new overtime rule, which says the team receiving the kickoff can't end the game on the first possession unless it scores a touchdown, will apply only to the playoffs.

NFL moves umpires for safety's sake
The NFL will permanently reposition umpires to the offensive backfield beginning with the upcoming 2010 season, in a move designed to protect its most vulnerable on-field officials, the league confirmed Sunday at the annual owners meetings.

Monday Morning Quarterback
"Management has aligned with the networks,'' said Mawae, the longtime NFL center, "and that concerns the players. It's upsetting. If FOX and CBS and NBC, for instance, are going to finance the lockout, why should we give them free access to our players? We don't get paid to do interviews for the networks. We don't get paid to do production meetings. We are taking a hard look at our players' availability for the networks that choose to pay the league in the event of a lockout.''

Jimmy Raye Talks Chargers, Draft
Chargers director of player personnel Jimmy Raye is on the road in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, attending pro days and putting in the legwork needed to prepare for the 2010 NFL Draft. Along the way, he took the time to join 619 Sports for a wide ranging interview about the Chargers' current players and what's needed in the draft: