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Serious Business: 3/18 Chargers Links

Putting Names to Numbers: Determining What Seattle Spent to Sign Charlie Whitehurst - Field Gulls
We can assign an abstract value to Seattle moving from the 40th overall pick or we can try and see exactly what players it might cost us. I would rather do the latter. Seattle is only truly set at two positions, linebacker and center, so we can be pretty sure it would have targeted the best available talent at 40. 40 is widely considered one of the most valuable picks in the draft, because it is very close in quality to latter first round picks, but cheaper. 61 is similarly cheap, but gives a team less flexibility when it comes to matching scheme and matching need.

Seahawks Trade For Charlie Whitehurst, Sign Extension
As Gregg Rosenthal notes, "Give Carroll and G.M. John Schneider credit for targeting their guy and having the confidence to go get him. They just better be right."

Chargers now have drafting power - Bill Williamson
I know some San Diego fans haven’t been thrilled with the team’s lack of activity this offseason. But this was a huge move. Getting this type of value for guy who doesn’t play is simply stunning.

Chargers, Scott agree on one-year deal
The Chargers have agreed with veteran defensive lineman Ian Scott on a one-year contract.

Chargers Trade Charlie Whitehurst And Move Up In The Draft
When you add this all up, it appears the Chargers are walking away with a kings ransom, while Seattle hopes Whitehurst can develop into their starter of the future.

Marty Schottenheimer: LT Can Still Do It
Now three years removed from an NFL sideline, Marty Schottenheimer still has his eyes on the game.