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Serious Business: 3/17 Chargers Links


Seahawks betting big on Whitehurst - Mike Sando
Charlie Whitehurst had better become more than a backup after the Seahawks paid handsomely for the Chargers' third-string quarterback Wednesday. Seat

Ryan Leaf's prison time will partly depend on his former players - Gregg Rosenthal
The district attorney prosecuting Leaf in Randall County, Texas says there is a "50-50" chance Leaf will serve prison time, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.  The amount of time depends on how much money Leaf can pay in a fine, and the feelings of his alleged victims.

Under the Cap: Reviewing the Mega-Money Deals
Ten days into the uncapped year of 2010, we have seen that the spending frenzy that some anticipated with the removal of the salary cap has not materialized.

Another Chargers Loss: Jim Steeg Leaving
The Chargers’ vice-president/COO may not be the most familiar name to San Diego fans, but his behind-the-scenes impact has been unmistakable for the past five years.  Now, Steeg says he’s leaving the team to "pursue other opportunities".