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Serious Business: 2/9 Chargers Links

Opening 2011 Super Bowl Odds
San Diego Chargers 8/1

McNabb to Denver? - Bill Williamson - ESPN
ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio reports that Denver is one of three teams that have had multiple conversations with the Eagles about the availability of quarterback Donovan McNabb. The other two teams are Buffalo and Cleveland.

Former Aztec La’Roi Glover on the Super Bowl
From Miami, former Aztec and New Orleans Saints Defensive Tackle La’Roi Glover talked about this weekends Super Bowl with 619 Sports.

Super Bowl: Debating QB Legacies
So Drew Brees won his first Super Bowl.  Why do San Diegans insist on revisiting the Brees-Rivers debate from years ago?  Craig and Chris talk about Brees, Philip Rivers, and Peyton Manning, and how the legacy of each great QB changes (or doesn’t) based on the Saints’ winning the Super Bowl.

Chargers Super Bowl Luck: First Eli, Now Brees - SB Nation
So, that’s two quarterbacks that the Chargers had in their grasps that they let slide away. How did those two quarterbacks do?

After living like a vagabond most of his life, Shawne Merriman has finally settled down - ESPN The Magazine
The walls were bubbling. Anyone familiar with the general characteristics of walls can attest that they are not supposed to bubble. Even 4-year-old Shawne Merriman knew that much. Plus, it was so hot that his skin began prickling. And there were all those grown-ups yelling, "Fire!"