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Serious Business: 2/7 Chargers Links


Hall of Fame passes over Don Coryell -
Coryell, 85, was for the first time among the 15 finalists considered by the selection committee on the Saturday prior to the Super Bowl.

Tailgating gets boot in stadium plan -
It’s not something team officials are touting as they try to drum up support for a downtown stadium, but the loss of tailgating could arguably be the biggest change facing fans if the Chargers move across town.

No movement on NFL labor talks - ESPN
NFL owners have met for several hours to discuss the labor situation, although it appears they are no closer to reaching an agreement with the players' union for a new collective bargaining agreement.

A look at those who didn't make the cut - AFC West Blog - ESPN
Why: This was a very stacked class. Ultimately, getting a coach in who never went to the Super Bowl was too difficult of a task.

Stampede Blue has a beer with Peter King: Part II - Stampede Blue
A fantastic interview with Peter King that involves the phrase "F**k! You should have credentials!" when he hears of how SB Nation blogs differ from other sports blogs.