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Serious Business: 2/6 Chargers Links

Playoff perseverance -
In his final team meeting nearly three weeks ago, the day after the Chargers were stunned in the playoffs by the New York Jets, head coach Norv Turner reminded his players who it was that knocked the Indianapolis Colts from the previous two postseasons.

Coryell’s big imprint ingrained in football -
Just let me say at the top that Don Coryell is, in my mind, the most important football coach since Paul Brown. Because he isn’t going to go away.

For Tomlinson, all that's left is the goodbye -
LaDainian Tomlinson has taken his bows and taken his lumps. Now it is time for him to take his leave.

Points for Carney as mentor -
To hear the Saints now, he is currently serving in an even more important role — as a kicking consultant helping second-year kicker Garrett Hartley in every facet of his game.

LT Says He’s Leaving The Chargers
Craig and Chris agree that the time has come for the Chargers and L.T. to part ways, but in their latest podcast, the 619 Sports guys wonder if the split could have been handled better, and if Tomlinson is taking enough responsibility for his reduced production: