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Chargers by the (Jersey) Numbers: #52


James Burgess, LB

Jay Douglas, T

Mark Fellows, OLB

Dwayne Gordon, LB

John Holecek, LB

Mike Humiston, ILB

Brian Ingram, LB

Jeff Jackson, LB

Carlos Polk, LB

John Reeves, LB

Don Rogers, C

Angelo Snipes, OLB

Bob Stein, LB

Ray White, LB


It’s amazing to me that no 52 was really able to crack the starting lineup.  I don't "amazing" because there were so many swimming with immense talent.  It’s just amazing because of the sheer number of guys who wore 52. 

Therefore, 52 is short and sweet.  No jump or Runner Up necessary. 


The Winner


Ray Preston , LB

The only one who comes close is Ray Preston.  Preston’s stats were wholly unimpressive.  He amassed a total of 6 interceptions – and 5 of them came in one season.  (And as I mentioned earlier, "tackles" weren’t tracked until the mid ‘80s, after Preston retired).  But he meets several criteria for Golden Jersey consideration: longevity (9 seasons with the Bolts); exclusivity (the Chargers were the only team he played for); and contribution to victories (he was a starting LB on the playoff teams of ’79-’80).  Right this way for your fitting, Mr. Preston!