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Tales From An Uninformed Armchair GM - Unrestricted Free Agents

Today we're going to look at who the unrestricted free agents are on the current Chargers roster.  Since it looks like a CBA will not be in place before the start of next season Vincent Jackson, Marcus McNeil, Daren Sproles, Malcolm Floyd and Shawne Merriman will all be restricted Free agents, who we will take a look at in next week's column.  To see who on the Chargers roster is an unrestricted free agent and what this uniformed armchair GM thinks they should do with them please click below.

DT Alfonso Boone - The Chargers signed Boone to help plug the 350 lb hole left by Jamaal Williams.  Boone played well this season all thing considering and he really helped to solidify the Chargers D-Line, but at the age of 37 34 I really don't see a spot for him on the Chargers roster to start the 2010 season.

Recommendation: No Offer

TE Brandon Manumaleuna - I have always loved Manumaleuna, he is incredibly versatile and does a great job of sneaking out into the flats unnoticed to make key 3rd down catches (which is hard to do for a 300 lb guy).  Manumaleuna size and agility allows Norv to move him all over the offence, he can be used as a TE an extra tackle or can be motioned into the back field and be used as a very large FB.  You just don't find many 300 lb guys that can do that.

Recommendation: Try to sign him to a three year worth $4.5 mil

C Dennis Norman - Norman was the Jaguars starting C for most of the 2008 season but was let go by the team in early 2009.  The Chargers picked up Norman after Hardwick went down against the Raiders but the only time I remember seeing him on the field was when Mruczkowski went down.  I don't see a reason for the Chargers to keep three C on their roster so I don't see them offering a contract to Norman.

Recommendation: No Offer

WR Kassim Osgood - As a SDSU alum I would love nothing more than to have Osgood stay in San Diego, but I think we all know it's just not going to happen.  Osgood wants a shot at playing WR and he knows he will not get it in San Diego.  I wish Kassim the best of luck just please don't sign with the Raiders! 

Recommendation: No Offer

DT Ian Scott - Scott was cut by the Chargers coming out of training camp but was quickly re-signed by the Bolts after their D-Linemen started going down like Jay Cutler's QB rating.  Like most of the D-Line replacements Scott played ok and did an admirable job of keeping the D from becoming a complete disaster after its best player was put on IR for the season.  Unfortunately with all of young talent the Chargers have stock piled on their D-Line I don't see much room for Scott on the 2010 roster.  However, I do think the Chargers offer him a contract to play for the league minimum and let him fight for a spot on the roster during the preseason (much like they did last year).

Recommendation:  Try to sign for league minimum

TE Kris Wilson - Kris Wilson has quietly been a decent third string TE for the Chargers over the past year and a half.  He has made a couple of key catches and has also done a good job contributing on special teams, but I just don't see him wanting to come back with both Gates and hopefully Manumaleuna both on the roster.  

Recommendation: No Offer

RT Jon Runyan - The Runyan experiment was what it was... Runyan was never really able to make it onto the field for any meaningful snaps (which was somewhat expected) but I can't see the Chargers starting out the year with a 36 year old RT on their roster.  However, I would keep Runyan's phone number on speed dial just in case someone goes down.

Recommendation: No Offer