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NFL Combine - RB Speed Scores

I know you all have been waiting with baited breath this, so without further ado here's the speed scores from the combine:

Prospect College Weight 40 time Speed Score
Joique Bell Wayne State 220 4.65 94
Jahvid Best California 199 4.35 111
LeGarrette Blount Oregon 241 4.62 106
Chris Brown Oklahoma 210 4.58 95
Andre Dixon Connecticut 205 4.64 88
Anthony Dixon Mississippi State 233 4.65 100
Jonathan Dwyer Georgia Tech 229 4.59 103
Toby Gerhart Stanford 231 4.53 110
Montario Hardesty Tennessee 225 4.49 111
Javarris James Miami (FL) 212 4.53 101
Stafon Johnson Southern Cal 214 4.66 91
Darius Marshall Marshall 190 4.56 88
Ryan Mathews Fresno State 218 4.45 111
Dexter McCluster Ole Miss 172 4.58 78
Joe McKnight Southern Cal 198 4.47 99
Shawnbrey McNeal Southern Methodist 194 4.56 90
Lonyae Miller Fresno State 221 4.53 105
Pat Paschall North Dakota State 209 4.69 86
Charles Scott Louisiana State 238 4.67 100
C.J. Spiller Clemson 196 4.37 107
James Starks Buffalo 218 4.5 106
Ben Tate Auburn 220 4.43 114
Keith Toston Oklahoma State 213 4.7 87

Again, here's the link back to my original post on the subject. As a quick refresher, 100 Speed Score is okay, 110 Speed Score is good or 120 Speed Score is great. I have a few first impressions based on these results. Obviously, Ben Tate did well for himself and since he was already in the conversation for a 3rd round or possibly 2nd round, for me this helps justify that kind of high selection. The top prospect, C.J. Spiller, didn't hurt himself here, so he did what he had to do, but no more. The added weight for Best, plus the higher than expected 40 time really starts to push (or keep) Best into the 1st round. Matthews and Hardesty both upped their stock a little as Matthews' time helps people to imagine him as a first rounder and I have a hard time seeing anyone putting Hardesty below the 3rd round at this point. Gerhart, Starks and Blount all did what they  had to do and nothing here changes anything for them. Dwyer, McCluster, McKnight, Bell, Brown, and both Dixons really brought up or kept up questions about their talent level. I'm definitely not comfortable using a 1st rounder on Dwyer now, although in all fairness I was already on the fence about it. Pretty much everyone else wasn't a great prospect to begin with so their times don't matter much and they did nothing to change that.

RB Speed Scores are generated, and researched, by Football Outsiders.