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Serious Business: 2/26 Chargers Links

Tackles to dominate early first round; Bryant a top-5 pick
San Diego: Can wait on running back. I think Mathews and Dwyer are logical guys early on.

2010 D-line class boasts depth - ESPN Insider
The defensive line class is the deepest overall position group in the 2010 draft with as many as 10 players being first-round possibilities, and it all starts with the defensive tackles.

Debunking five common combine myths - ESPN Insider
Changing perceptions on Mike Mamula, Jerry Rice and much more

Bolts’ list of needs lengthy -
As of Monday afternoon, this officially became the most anticipated Chargers draft in a half-dozen years.

"Cro being talked about" by Bolts Bulletin
I've heard this moring the Chargers are talking to teams and terms are being discussed in regards to the cornerback.