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A Call for FanPosts/Recs/Lurkers

Time to take the plunge
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Time to take the plunge via

One of the good things about the offseason is that I can focus more of my energy towards this blog, my writing, and making the BFTB community bigger/better/stronger. 

This "downtime" in the football universe can be helpful for our (numerous) "lurkers" that read BFTB daily but still have not joined our site or commented.  I've had many lurkers tell me that they haven't joined or commented because they don't feel like they can compete with the rest of our community in terms of football knowledge.  Well, that means there is no better time to dip your toes into the BFTB waters than right now (and here are some of the ancillary benefits).  Also, it's easier than ever to join (you can do it with your existing account at Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Myspace, LiveJournal, etc.).

Even the guys with very little football knowledge fancy themselves NFL GMs.  Heck, one of the reasons so many people play the Madden video games is to see if their crazy trade ideas would be accepted by computer AI.  And probably about 90% of NFL fans can come up with a good trade idea that would improve their team and be valuable for the trading partner as well.

So today we're going to open up the floodgates for the quiet lurkers that would like to start off with a simple "Hello" and the ones that would like to get their hands dirty right away.  There's two ways in which you can introduce yourself after joining.

  • FanPost - You can make a FanPost (here's some help) introducing yourself to the world and telling your story/thoughts ("I think Dan Fouts was a hippie!") if you'd like.  What I'm more interested in is trade ideas.  You're armed with Antonio Cromartie, Vincent Jackson, Shawne Merriman and all 7 of the Chargers 2010 NFL Draft picks.  You don't have to trade any more than you want to, but keep in mind values.  Cromartie is realistically worth a 3rd round draft pick.  Jackson is worth a 1st, at least.  Merriman is probably worth a 2nd.  Put together trade packages, letting us know why the trade makes sense for both sides.  Best ideas get moved to the front page (and probably spend time in the "Recommended FanPosts" section on the right side of the page).
  • Comment - The below comment section is for new members and first-time commenters.  Pop in and say hello.  Tell us your favorite thing about BFTB and why it took you so long to join.  Please, if you have any trade ideas, put them in a FanPost and not in the comments section below.  Also, any long-time members caught trying to hog the spotlight will have their comments hidden and receive a slap on the wrist.