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Serious Business: 2/24 San Diego Chargers Links

NFL wants blood testing for HGH |
Amid news that a British rugby player has become the first athlete to test positive for HGH, the league has reiterated its position that it favors the same blood test that caught the guy whose fish and chips were spiked with something other than vinegar.

LT ran out of gas in San Diego - Matt Williamson
What does Tomlinson have left and what is his value around the league at this advanced point of his career? My answer to that question is short and simple: very little.

LaDainian Tomlinson's Future - ESPN Video
Merril Hoge talks about LaDainian Tomlinson's future following his release from the Chargers

21 best memories of 21
As we celebrate LaDainian Tomlinson’s nine breathtaking seasons in San Diego, takes a look back at the 21 most memorable moments of the future Hall of Famer’s time in lightning bolts.

Mayock: Good draft for RBs - Casey Pearce
The Chargers will be in search of a running back this spring and NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock says the 2010 draft is a good place to find one.

"Sproles next?" by Bolts Bulletin
Darren Sproles could well follow LaDainian Tomlinson out the door and will at least be given the chance to do so.

Vincent Jackson DUI draws work-release time -
Vincent Jackson will receive four days in a work-release program, possibly roadside trash pickup, plus a likely NFL suspension this fall, after pleading guilty to his second drunken driving offense since 2006.

PFT Daily: The death of the workhorse tailback |
Tomlinson's departure validates the trend away from using one primary guy in the running game.  (The success of the Saints and their three-headed attack helps put the workhorse concept out of its misery, too.)

San Diego notes - AFC West Blog - ESPN
"To me, I felt like we played too much zone," Cromartie said. "As we would say, we felt like we had two of the best corners in the NFL, me and [Quentin] Jammer, and we played too much zone coverage, rather than man."

The League Panelists: Like Tony Gwynn, NFL running back LaDainian Tomlinson should have retired with San Diego Chargers
Wherever Tomlinson lands, there's going to be sacrifice. He is probably going to have to abandon the idea of being a starter and making starter's money. The team he goes to is going to have to figure out how to use him enough to make him happy, but not so much that his flaws hurt the offense. Personally, as a long-time Chargers fan and LaDainian Tomlinson fan, I would've preferred to see Tomlinson walk off into the sunset with bolts on his back.