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Serious Business: 2/2 Chargers Links

Worst Pro Bowl Selections of All-Time
John Hadl ranks as the 7th worst selection ever.

2009 Football Outsiders Awards
Welcome to the sixth annual Football Outsiders Awards, sort of our version of the Internet Baseball Awards, but with special FO categories. For example, we've got the Keep Choppin' Wood award for the worst player of the year, awards for most overrated and underrated players, and of course the "This is Our Country" Award for most annoying commercial.

Stat of the Day: Third-Down Rebound Effect
Neither San Diego's offense nor their defense shows up on either list.

Tebow not the only Senior Bowl story (ESPN Insider)
This was far from the strongest crop of talent the Senior Bowl has put on display. The depth at most positions was strong but the lack of elite players was noticeable. Last year, 11 eventual first-round picks appeared in Mobile, including nine who competed in practices and/or the game, but the 2010 class will be lucky to see six players come off the board in the first round.

Ruling: NFL owners can't drop $220M in revenue sharing - ESPN
The NFL Players Association won a decision Monday from Special Master Stephen Burbank that will prevent league owners from dismantling the supplemental revenue sharing (SRS) pool in 2010, as management had planned. The pool was valued at $210 million in 2009 and $220 million for 2010.

San Diego Chargers' Nate Kaeding explains lonely life of kicker - Stefan Fatsis -
Nate Kaeding deserves a ton of credit for not running away from the story of his bad playoff game. He's admitting he mentally got screwed up and working to put those misses behind him.