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Raiders have a really rich kicker, punter.

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If nothing else, Al Davis will stop at nothing to make sure that the Raiders will be able to kick the football in various capacities. Following up last season's record deal for punter Shane Lechler, Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski has just received the same deal as Lechler, a 4 year deal worth a total of $16 million including $9 million in guaranteed money. Apparently this is the most money ever for a kicker. So that's good. I guess it is finally time for the Raiders to start working on offense and defense. Also special teams that don't include the punter and kicker. The Raiders extended their own NFL record last season by losing at least 11 games in seven straight seasons now.

Sebastian Janikowski

#11 / Kicker / Oakland Raiders



Mar 03, 1978

Florida State


Speaking of guys who are soon to be rich, since the Raiders traded their first round pick in 2011 to the Patriots for Richard Seymour, who is now an UFA, it seems like Al will open up his coin purse yet again for another free agent after spending big on Lechler, Janikowski, and Nmandi Asomugha. According to the article linked to above, they will franchise tag him if a deal can't be worked out.

Speaking of working out deals, does Al Davis just like to mess with Tom Cable or what? Although all the signs point toward Cable coming back as head coach next season, Davis has continually blown off Cable during the off season and has yet to formally tell coach Cable if he will be back next season or not. Cable has said he thinks he'll be back so I guess no news is good news if you are Tom Cable. Maybe Al is just messing with him by testing him to see if he can keep his composure while not being told his future and not punch anyone else out in the future.

Speaking of crappy coaches, when the Chiefs let go DC Clancy Pendergast at the end of the season, Al Davis just knew he needed to retain the services of the great defensive mind that produced the terrific defense of the Chiefs last season and the Cardinals the previous 5 seasons before that. I guess when you're the Raiders, you'll try anything. Hiring from winning programs is apparently Davis' thing, he of course knew Tom Cable broke into coaching at San Diego State University, a program world renowned for its football excellence. Saints head coach Sean Payton was also on that SDSU staff with Cable. Oops. Hired the wrong Aztec.

Finally, if you ever had the need to know what Snoop Doggy Dogg had to say about the Raiders, today is your day. So what do you think San Diego? Will Cable stick around? Will the Raiders kick a lot of field goals next season? Will the Raiders after lose less than 11 games? Will Al Davis be taken away by the Sunset Squad Robots? Sound off in the comments below!