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Serious Business: 2/18 Chargers Links

Chargers GM discontinues offseason talk -
"I’ve decided to be available at the media’s convenience," Smith said. "One thing I learned for sure over the last four years was most people were not interested in my year-in-review comments and my upcoming season preview. So that, we will all do without."

Attorney alleges Cromartie late on child payments -
Chargers cornerback Antonio Cromartie is past due on about $25,000 in child support after missing his Feb. 1 payment due date for several of his children, an attorney for the mother of one of his children says.

Cromartie loses grievance |
Chargers cornerback Antonio Cromartie lost a grievance Wednesday filed by his former agent Jason Fletcher, according to NFL Network's Jason La Canfora. NFL arbitrator Roger Kaplan ruled that Cromartie must pay Fletcher at least $32,000 in back fees. 

Bucky Brooks' Newest Mock Draft
The swift playmaker from Cal steps into the Chargers' starting lineup on Day 1 to ignite a dormant rush attack.

Kiper's Newest Mock Draft
As I explained earlier this week, I expect to see Cody's stock rise because he may be the purest example in this draft of a guy who, limitations aside, specifically fits a scheme. Cody is the prototype block-occupying clogger in a 3-4 scheme. You can question his weight or his versatility, but he can make other players better. Remember, Jamal Williams' injury is a factor here.

"Cromartie officially unofficially available" by Bolts Bulletin
The Chargers have put out at least one feeler -- and it is believed, more -- about trading cornerback Antonio Cromartie.