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Serious Business: 2/16 Chargers Links

Four Downs: AFC West
All the prominent halfbacks on the market are restricted free agents, so the Chargers could hope for a veteran like Fargas, Larry Johnson, or Thomas Jones to become available as no-cap casualties. If the rumors about Peppers wanting to play in a 3-4 are true, he'd be a huge upgrade on Merriman and a great fit for what the Chargers need right now: An elite pass rusher.

Why not L.T. in KC? | Red Zone
The Chiefs need a proven running back to take some of the load off Jamaal Charles. LaDainian Tomlinson will soon need a new job. If Tomlinson can accept a secondary role, at least initially, this union makes too much sense for it not to happen.

Free agency: AFC West - Bill Williamson - ESPN
The team would like to bring back Osgood, one of the best special-teams players in the NFL. But Osgood wants a chance to be a receiver and the opportunity might not be in San Diego. The Chargers will spend most of their energy on their restricted class. The priorities are receiver Vincent Jackson, tackle Marcus McNeill, linebacker Shawne Merriman, running back Darren Sproles and receiver Malcom Floyd.

Three And Out: February 15, 2010
Under Section 7 of Article XXI of the CBA, they can't. Here's the key language: "No Club subject to the provisions of this Article may, for one League Year, trade for a player it otherwise would not be permitted to sign as an Unrestricted Free Agent as a result of the provisions of this Article."