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Serious Business: 2/14 Chargers Links

Uncapped year could be far tamer than ever expected - Mike Florio - Sporting News
The fact that fewer teams have had trouble staying under the salary cap in recent years strongly suggests that spending won't go haywire on March 5.

The four most common draft mistakes by Todd McShay (ESPN Insider)
The NFL Draft is one big crap shoot? Not if you listen to me.

Chargers Top Moments of ‘09 (Were There Any?)
They finished 13-4 and won their fourth-consecutive AFC Western Division championship. But is there any possible way to remember the Chargers' 2009 season without thinking solely of the devastating playoff loss to the New York Jets? Well...yes...and no.


NFL Videos: Top running backs
Find out which running back prospects will be the most sought after in the 2010 NFL Draft.