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Chargers by the (Jersey) Numbers: #53

Okay, it’s the off-season, and BFTB may be hurting for a little content.  Therefore, the Golden Jersey series returns to the Front Page!  But also because #53 has a couple of familiar names.  Plus, in honor of some current members of the Chargers, this edition could be subtitled "Those Who Have Run-ins With the Law."

Charlie Brueckman, LB

Jim Campbell, LB

Mike Douglass, OLB

Chuck Faucette, ILB

Mike Guendling, OLB

Michael Hamilton, LB

Deon Humphrey, LB

Bob Laraba, QB-LB

David Lewis, LB

Drew Mahalic, LB

Chip Myrtle, LB

Ralph Perretta, G

Stacey Price, LB

Mel Rogers, LB

Dan Sartin, C


The Runner Up


Steve Foley, LB

53 wouldn’t be complete without the mention of Steve Foley and his untimely demise as a football player.  Foley was acquired at a time when Charger fans were dubious of new management and what they could accomplish in free agency.  I don’t think I was alone when I said, upon hearing of his signing, "Steve who??"  But the legend of AJ was soon solidified as Foley proved to be a beast and a force coming off the edge.  He amassed 10 sacks his first season with the Chargers, intercepted two passes, and forced 5 fumbles.  After a fall-off in 2005 – for him as well as the entire team – Foley was looking forward to a rejuvenated 2006.


That fateful night in 2006 is well documented, so I won’t say much other than to re-stress the adage that nothing good can come from being out on the street at 3am.  Fortunately, Foley is still alive.  But it certainly was a sad and bitter way to end a football career.


The Winner


Courtney Hall, C

Courtney Hall is one of those rare NFL birds: brains to match the brawn.  He played every game as a four-year starter at Rice – and still managed to graduate at the age of 20.  (I’m pretty sure I drove by a college at the age of 20.  So me and Hall are tight, right?)


Hall was drafted in the second round by the Chargers and played for them – and only them (see "key criteria for Golden Jersey consideration" in #52) – until 1996.


Statistics?  We don’t need no stinkin’ statistics!  Hall was a Center, and no team wins an AFC Championship unless there’s somebody snapping the ball.