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Good News/Bad News: Kansas City Chiefs

The Good News: The Kansas City Chiefs are 2-4 on the road this year. They are a young team, with not a lot of depth, that needs a lot of things to fall their way if they are to win a football game. When they are at home, in front of some of the best football fans in the world, that is an easier task. It also helps when it's pouring rain, since their offense is built for games where the passing game is made irrelevant (yes, I'm a little bitter).

Teams the Chiefs have lost to this season, and all of their losses have come on the road, include the Broncos (0-1 against the Chargers), the Raiders (2-0 against the Chargers), the Colts (0-1 against the Chargers) and the Texans (0-1 against the Chargers). This adds up to mean that the Chargers certainly have the potential to beat the Chiefs, which is always a good sign.

Outside of their victory against the Chargers in Week 1, the Chiefs have done what San Diego couldn't do this year and beat up on weaker teams. Their victories have come against the Browns, 49ers, Jaguars (when they were still bad), Bills, Cardinals, Seahawks and Broncos. Simply put, outside of their win against the Chargers, the Chiefs don't really have a definitive "statement win" yet this season that has made everyone sit up and say "watch out for these guys". If they win on Sunday, in San Diego, they will have accomplished exactly that.

The Bad News: The Chiefs have a margin for error. Their two-game lead in the division means that they could lose this week and still win the division. In the NFL, where so many games are won on weird plays and bad calls, that's a luxury that every team would like to have but the Chargers do not. One unfortunate bounce or Hochulian moment is all that stands in the way of the Chargers being eliminated from the playoffs.

Outside of the obvious, this benefits the Chiefs because it allows them to take risks. While not always true, Bill Cowher and Bill Parcells owe a good deal of their success to the fact that they were willing to take more risks than the guy across the field from them. Hell, you could argue that's what won the Supre Bowl for the Sants last year. I'm not saying Norv & Co. won't be able to take risks, anyone can at any time, but logic is going to tell him to play the game as safe as possible to give his talented team the best chance to win the most important game of this season.