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Game Ball: Seyi Ajirotutu and the Future

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When it comes to Wide Receivers, nobody is better at breaking them down than Football Outsiders. If only for the fact that they factor in a WR's "catch rate" and do so accurately.

In the last few seasons, Football Outsiders has proven that Vincent Jackson and Malcom Floyd were top-flight receivers (even when Floyd was barely being thrown to). This season, their top WRs by DVOA are as follows:

1. Ben Obomanu*
2. Robert Meachem
3. Mike Wallace
4. Seyi Ajirotutu*
5. Kenny Britt*
6. Patrick Crayton

*indicates that the player has less than 42, but at least 7, receptions in the 2010 season.

The first two things that should stand out are "Who is Ben Obomanu?" and "Wow, two Chargers receivers!" Yes, it backs up the argument that QBs make WRs and not the other way around. However, it is also a sign that Tutu (who started this season on the practice squad) is ready to step into a prominent role in the San Diego offense without missing a beat. Call it another miraculous "scrap heap" find by A.J. Smith, as it is one more thing to be excited about going forward.

This Chargers team is surprisingly young at some important offensive positions. Outside of Darren Sproles (27), the Chargers do not employ a RB over the age of 25. Outside of newbies Kelley Washington (31) and Patrick Crayton (31), the entire receiving corps is under the age of 30. The offense is also young along the offensive line, where they do not have a single 30 year old player.

With Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates having great years, it doesn't appear that the window of opportunity will be shutting on this powerful offense anytime soon. Those that thought that losing Vincent Jackson (and possible Malcom Floyd) would mark the end of an era for this offense should probably keeps their eyes open for the man with the unpronounceable name. He'll be the one that's coming on fast and strong.

vs OAK / 12.5.10 Receiving
Rec Yards Avg TD
Seyi Ajirotutu 2 44 22.0 0