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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Injury Report/Early Games

Today's Chargers/Raiders game is going to be greatly affected by two things. One, injuries. Antonio Gates may or may not play, Ryan Mathews will probably play, Tyronne Green will again be filling in for Louis Vasquez, Mike Tolbert will be dealing with a hand injury, etc. That's just the Chargers side of things.

The Raiders are also dealing with potential high-impact injuries that could keep guys like Rolando McClain, Richard Seymour, Nnamdi Asomugha, Zach Miller and Tyvon Branch out of the game.

The Chargers are the more-talented team on paper, but they're going to need as many healthy bodies as possible to fight off a Raiders team that always seems to play well against San Diego.

The second thing everyone should be aware of, because it's incredibly important, is that the Chargers will be sporting their powder blue jerseys today. I don't know their record in the powder blues in the last few seasons, but I know it's very favorable. If you're going to the game, don't forget to wear your powder-blue jersey or hat or t-shirt to support the team.

It's Raider day! Use this post as an open thread for the early games as well, and by that I mean the Chiefs/Broncos game that we'll all be paying attention to.