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BFTB Scouting: College Bowl Games Part 5 (Holiday Bowl)

The Chargers won't be drafting Jake Locker, but the Holiday Bowl is Locker's last chance with Washington to prove he can be a franchise QB. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
The Chargers won't be drafting Jake Locker, but the Holiday Bowl is Locker's last chance with Washington to prove he can be a franchise QB. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
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Featured Game
Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl
Nebraska (10-3) vs Washington (6-6) Thursday 12/30 7:00 PM PT (ESPN)

This is a rematch of a regular season tilt that was a one-sided 56-21 victory for Nebraska. There are only a couple things that have changed since that game. First, the Cornhuskers are going to be coming in a little disappointed that they didn't make a BCS Bowl game and the Huskies will be feeling good about making a premier second tier bowl game like the Holiday Bowl. In the previous matchup both QBs were healthy, but in this one Washington Senior QB Jake Locker is finishing his rest and recovery from injured ribs and thigh, and Nebraska Freshman QB Taylor Martinez is trying to come back from injuries to his ankle and foot. Both will be playing in their first ever bowl games.

Another focus of this game will be the running attacks. Nebraska Senior RB Roy Helu had a big season this year and ran for over 100 yards on only 10 carries in their previous meetup. Washington Sophomore RB Chris Polk really started to come on later in the season is coming off a 29 carry, 284 yard rushing performance against Washington State that clinched the Huskies bowl berth.

Bottom line is that the Washington Huskies are coming into this game on a high and with a talented QB and RB that have a lot of confidence right now and the Nebraska Cornhuskers' emotional state is questionable, but they still have a ton of talent and experience on both offense and defense. We'll have to tune in to see how all that turns out.

BFTB Scouting Targets:
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Jared Crick
Nebraska DE/DT Jr. 6'5 288 lbs
High motor guy with good size that has had great production. Has the ability to fight through blocks and stop runners in their tracks. He's seen his stock slip some this year, so if he declared he might be a good 2nd or 3rd round pickup for the Bolts. He has the size to be 3-4 DE, but maybe not all the skills.  Original Writeup
Niles Paul
Nebraska WR Sr. 6'1 224 lbs
Pretty good size, speed and hands for the position. Willing to go over the middle. He's also useful in the return game and initially could contribute on coverage units. Original Writeup
Pierre Allen
Nebraska DE/OLB Sr. 6'4 261 lbs
He's not a natural pass rusher even though he plays DE in Nebraska's defense. However, he does have the athleticism to play OLB in the 3-4 and the skills in run defense that could make him valuable. He's a project and would be a depth acquisition in possibly the 4th or 5th round. Original Writeup
Eric Hagg
Nebraska S Sr. 6'1 208 lbs
A rare breed. A safety who is better in coverage than in the box. He fluid hips that help him drop into coverage. He can probably play nickelback in the pros if needed. Not a big hitter, but can wrap up. Instincts could be better, but he does have good burst to close in on a play. Even still, he just rates as a day 3 pick. 5th round or later.
Mike McNeill
Nebraska TE Sr. 6'4 230 lbs
Good route runner who can create separation just with that skill alone. He's a big red zone target, but also has speed to stretch the field. Good, natural hands. Not a great athlete, so he can't cause mismatches by lining up flexed out wide. Great character. Day 3 pick. Maybe 5th round.
Mason Foster
Washington OLB
Sr. 6'1 238 lbs
A consistent performer who plays on a bad Washington defense. Like his former teammate and current Charger Donald Butler, it could be the team's performance that is causing him to get overlooked. Those that follow him say that he could be 2nd or 3rd round pick. He's come up big this year in games against USC and Oregon St., but struggled against Nebraska the first time around. Might be a little small for 3-4 OLB, but could transition to play alongside Butler as an ILB.
NFL Prospects:
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Prince Amukamara
Nebraska CB Jr. 6'0 203 lbs
He's basically been to the Nebraska Cornhuskers what Nmandi Asomugha has been to the Raiders for the last few years. No one wants to throw near him. That means his numbers are gaudy, but if you watch him play you can see a technician that blankets his man. Will either be the 1st or 2nd CB off the board and will go high in the first round. Original Writeup
Roy Helu Jr.
Nebraska RB Sr. 5'11 223 lbs
His body size is similar to a Ryan Mathews or a LaDainian Tomlinson, but his athleticism is nowhere near that level. He does possess good vision and has shown in some games that he can break away from the defense with good burst and speed. He's adequate in the passing game as a receiver and poor as a pass blocker. Definitely a day 3 pick, where exactly depends on people's tastes, but looking like a 5th or 6th rounder.
Jake Locker
Washington QB Sr. 6'2 229 lbs
A big time prospect who had a disappointing Senior season. Injuries and a poor supporting cast definitely hurt him, but different people have different thoughts on how much each contributed and how much he should be held accountable for it all. He's still a great athlete and could be a scrambler like a Steve Young. His arm strength is there and he would seem to be well prepared to weather through playing with a bad team. This game is a big opportunity to prove to scouts that much of the season was a fluke and that he really can lead an offense against a top program. Original Writeup
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Alex Henery
Nebraska K Sr. 6'1 177 lbs
Keith Williams
Nebraska OG Sr. 6'4 310 lbs
Dejon Gomes Nebraska S Sr. 5'10 203 lbs
Michael Smith Nebraska OT Sr. 6'6 285 lbs
Richard Henry Nebraska OG Sr. 6'2 303 lbs
David Jones Nebraska OG Sr. 6'5 310 lbs
Anthony West Nebraska CB Sr. 5'11 205 lbs
Will Henry Nebraska WR Sr. 6'5 216 lbs
William Mahan
Washington P
Sr. 5'11 198 lbs
Michael Dorson Boyce
Washington FB Sr. 6'1 229 lbs
Ryan Tolar
Washington OC Sr. 6'4 289 lbs
Cody Habben
Washington OT Sr. 6'6 286 lbs
Nathan Williams
Washington S Sr. 6'0 216 lbs
De'Shon Matthews
Washington DE Sr. 6'4 258 lbs
D'Andre Goodwin
Washington WR Sr. 5'10 186 lbs

Other Games
Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl
Army (6-6) vs SMU (7-6) Thursday 12/30 9:00 AM PT (ESPN)
New Era Pinstripe Bowl
Kansas St. (7-5) vs Syracuse (7-5) Thursday 12/30 12:20 PM PT (ESPN)
Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl
North Carolina
(7-5) vs Tennessee (6-6) Thursday 12/30 3:40 PM PT (ESPN)

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl: Army vs. Southern Methodist University
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Joshua McNary
Army OLB
Sr. 5'11 232 lbs
Michael Glenn
Army DT Sr. 6'2 270 lbs
Aldrick Robinson
SMU WR Sr. 5'9 178 lbs
Matthew Szymanski
SMU K Sr. 6'1 197 lbs
Youri Yenga
Sr. 6'1 231 lbs

New Era Pinstripe Bowl: Kansas State vs.Syracuse
BFTB Scouting Targets:
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Delone Carter
Syracuse RB Sr. 5'9 219 lbs
Carter most likely won't rank as one of the elite backs in this draft and will probably slide down to the 3rd round or later. He does, however, have the potential to be an every down back at the next level with his compact build, burst, strength and speed. He was a big reason for Syracuse's season turnaround and for that can probably be seen as a leader and a high character guy.
NFL Prospects:
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Daniel Thomas Kansas St. RB Sr. 6'2 228 lbs
Teams looking for a runner who is big, physical and and can grind out tough yardage should be looking a Daniel Thomas. He's probably not enough of an athlete to be a first round pick, but the right team will find a lot of value in Thomas in the 2nd round. He does everything well including pass protection and running the wildcat, but nothing that great. He's never been injured, which is a great quality to have in a physical runner. You could call him a more skilled Ryan Grant, a more athletic Michael Turner or a less athletic and speedy Adrian Peterson if you like.
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Antonio Felder
Kansas St. OLB Sr. 6'1 244 lbs
Prizell Brown
Kansas St. DT Sr. 6'2 268 lbs
Stephen Harrison
Kansas St. CB Sr. 5'10 187 lbs
Kenneth Mayfield
Kansas St. OG Sr. 6'4 333 lbs
Ryan Bartholomew
Syracuse C
Sr. 6'1 294 lbs
Derrell Smith Syracuse ILB
Sr. 6'0 234 lbs
Michael Holmes Syracuse S
Sr. 5'9
181 lbs
Douglas Hogue Syracuse OLB
Sr. 6'1 225 lbs
Aaron Weaver
Syracuse WR
Sr. 6'1 219 lbs

Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl: North Carolina vs. Tennessee
BFTB Scouting Targets:
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Quan Sturdivant North Carolina ILB Sr. 6'1 227 lbs
Tremendous athlete that can play at inside and outside LB, but he'll need to work on refining his skills at those positions. He'll likely do very well at the combine. Some minor character issues to worry about, but nothing to drop his draft grade. Could go as high as the 2nd round. Original Writeup
Deunta Williams North Carolina S Sr. 6'1 204 lbs
Probably the most physically gifted of the safeties in this draft class. He's a good athlete with good hips who can can actually cover TEs or slot WRs man-to-man. He's not a physical player, however and it remains to be seen if he'll be a liability making key tackles at the next level. Looks like a 2nd round pick. Original Writeup
Luke Stocker Tennessee TE Sr. 6'5 247 lbs
Big framed TE who is tough and willing to work. Has the speed to stretch defenses, but isn't going to making any impressive moves in the open field. With his frame he should be able to shield defenders and be a red zone target, but he struggles in that area. He won't be going to Pro Bowls, but he can probably become an NFL starter or a key backup at the TE position. Projected as a 4th rounder for now.
NFL Prospects:
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Kedric Burney North Carolina CB Sr. 5'9 180 lbs
A smaller cornerback with wheels. The Chargers usually pass on these types of guys, but will go on day 2 or early day 3. He can help in the return game and has a lot of good skills as a CB that can make up for his lack of size. He's similar to current Kansas City Chief Javier Arenas like that.
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Zack Pianalto
North Carolina TE Sr. 6'3 239 lbs
T.J. Yates
North Carolina QB Sr. 6'4 220 lbs
Ryan Houston
North Carolina FB Sr. 6'2 245 lbs
Da'Norris Searcy
North Carolina S
Sr. 6'0 200 lbs
Shaun Draughn
North Carolina RB Sr. 6'0 205 lbs
Edwards Barham
North Carolina TE Sr. 6'3 260 lbs
Alan Pelc
North Carolina OG Sr. 6'6 305 lbs
Johnny White
North Carolina RB Sr. 5'1 205 lbs
Denarius Moore Tennessee WR Sr. 6'0 187 lbs
Chris Walker Tennessee OLB Sr. 6'2 230 lbs
Daniel Lincoln Tennessee K Sr. 6'0 210 lbs
Kevin Cooper Tennessee FB
Sr. 6'0 233 lbs
Chad Cunningham Tennessee P Sr. 6'2 210 lbs
Nicholas Reveiz Tennessee ILB
Sr. 5'9 230 lbs
Gerald Williams Tennessee DE Sr. 6'4 252 lbs
Lamarcus Thompson Tennessee OLB Sr. 6'0 231 lbs
Jarrod Shaw Tennessee OG Sr. 6'4 328 lbs
Gerald Jones
Tennessee WR Sr. 5'10 196 lbs

Tracking Prospects Mentioned In Previous Articles:

Prospect Name College Position Class Proj. Draft Position

Bowl Game Opponent (Date)

Noel Devine West Virginia RB Sr. 3rd/4th rd North Carolina St. (12/28) 8 car. 50 yds. 4 rec. 21 yds. 1 fumble.
Kendall Hunter Oklahoma St. RB Sr. 3rd/4th rd Arizona (12/29) 10 car. 32 yds.
LaMichael James Oregon RB So. 2nd rd Auburn (1/10)  
DeMarco Murray Oklahoma RB Sr. 2nd rd Connecticut (1/2)  
Jacquizz Rodgers Oregon St. RB Jr. 3rd rd  
Brandon Saine Ohio State RB Sr. Late rds Arkansas (1/4)  
Shane Vereen California RB Jr. 3rd rd  
Jonathan Baldwin Pittsburgh WR Jr. 1st/2nd rd Kentucky (1/8)  
Armon Binns Cincinnati WR Sr. 5th rd    
Justin Blackmon Oklahoma St. WR So. 1st rd Arizona (12/29) 9 rec. 117 yds. 2 TDs.
Vincent Brown San Diego St. WR Sr. 4th rd Navy (12/23) 8 rec. 165 yds. 1 TD. 1 car. -13 yds.
Ryan Broyles Oklahoma WR Jr. 1st/2nd rd Connecticut (1/2)  
Michael Floyd Notre Dame WR Jr. 3rd rd. Miami (12/31) Stock is down. May stay in school.
A.J Green Georgia WR Jr. 1st rd. UCF (12/31)  
Leonard Hankerson Miami WR Sr. 4th/5th rd Notre Dame (12/31)  
Dwayne Harris East Carolina WR Sr. 4th rd Maryland (12/29) 8 rec. 68 yds. 1 car. -7 yds.
Jerrel Jernigan Troy WR Sr. 2nd rd Ohio (12/18) 7 rec. 48 yds. 1 TD. 3 car. 16 yds. 1 TD. Returned kicks and punts.
Ron Johnson USC WR Sr. 4th/5th rd  
Derrell Johnson-Koulianos Iowa WR Sr. 3rd/4th rd Dismissed from team after arrest on drug chargers
Julio Jones Alabama WR Jr. 1st rd Michigan St. (1/1)  
Jeremy Kerley TCU WR Sr. 5th/6th rd Wisconsin (1/1)  
Greg Little North Carolina WR Sr. 2nd-4th rd NCAA ruled him permanently ineligible.
Niles Paul Nebraska WR Sr. 3rd/4th rd Washington (12/30)  
Austin Pettis Boise St. WR Sr. Late rds Utah (12/22) 12 rec. 147 yds. 1 TD.
DeVier Posey Ohio State WR Jr. 2nd/3rd rd Arkansas (1/4)  
Greg Salas Hawaii WR Sr. 4th rd Tulsa (12/24) 13 rec. 214 yds. 2 TDs.
DeMarco Sampson San Diego St. WR Sr. Late rds Navy (12/23) 2 rec. 45 yds.
Torrey Smith Maryland WR Jr. 2nd rd East Carolina (12/29) 2 rec. 10 yds. 1 car. -3 yds.
Terrance Toliver LSU WR Sr. 4th/5th rd Texas A&M (1/7)  
Nick Toon Wisconsin WR Jr. 4th/5th rd TCU (1/1)  
Titus Young Boise St. WR Sr. 3rd/4th rd Utah (12/22) 6 rec. 64 yds. 3 car. 9 yds.
Gabe Carimi Wisconsin OT Sr.

1st/2nd rd

TCU (1/1)  
Demarcus Love Arkansas OT Sr. 2nd rd Ohio State (1/4)  
Jason Pinkston Pittsburgh OT Sr. 3rd rd Kentucky (1/8)  
Derek Sherrod Mississippi St. OT Sr. 1st/2nd rd Michigan (1/1)  
Stephen Paea Oregon St. NT Sr. 1st rd    
Ian Williams Notre Dame NT Sr. Late rds Miami (12/31) Torn MCL. Will probably  miss bowl game and combine.
Christian Ballard Iowa DE/DT Sr. 4th rd Missouri (12/28) 1 sack.
Jared Crick Nebraska DE/DT Jr. 3rd rd Washington (12/30)  
Nick Fairley Auburn DE/DT Jr. 1st rd Oregon (1/10)  
Allen Bailey Miami DE Sr. 1st rd Notre Dame (12/31)  
Da'Quan Bowers Clemson DE Jr. 1st rd South Florida (12/31)  
Adrian Clayborn Iowa DE Sr. 1st rd Missouri (12/28)  
Cameron Jordan California DE Sr. 1st/2nd rd    
Karl Klug Iowa DE Sr. 5th rd Missouri (12/28) 1 sack.
J.J. Watt Wisconsin DE Jr. 2nd rd TCU (1/1)  
Pierre Allen Nebraska DE/OLB Sr. 4th rd Washington (12/30)  
Jeremy Beal Oklahoma DE/OLB Sr. 2nd rd Connecticut (1/2)  
Ryan Kerrigan Purdue DE/OLB Sr. 1st rd  
Cliff Matthews South Carolina DE/OLB Sr. 3rd/4th rd Florida St. (12/31)  
Pernell McPhee Mississippi St. DE/OLB Sr. 2nd rd Michigan (1/1)  
Brooks Reed Arizona DE/OLB Sr. 2nd/3rd rd Oklahoma St. (12/29)  
Greg Romeus Pittsburgh DE/OLB Sr. 3rd rd   Torn ACL done for the year.
Jabaal Sheard Pittsburgh DE/OLB Sr. 2nd rd Kentucky (1/8)  
Kelvin Sheppard LSU DE/OLB Sr. 3rd rd Texas A&M (1/7)  
Akeem Ayers UCLA OLB Jr. 1st rd  
Bruce Carter North Carolina OLB Sr. 2nd rd   Torn ACL. Will miss bowl game and probably combine.
Brandon Hicks Florida OLB So. 5th rd Penn St. (1/1)  
Von Miller Texas A&M OLB Sr. 1st rd LSU (1/7)  
Dontay Moch Nevada OLB Sr. 3rd rd Boston College (1/9)  
Jonas Mouton Michigan OLB Sr. Late rds Mississippi St. (1/1)  
Kennth Wright Mississippi St. OLB Sr. 4th rd Michigan (1/1)  
Obi Ezeh Michigan ILB Sr. Late rds Mississippi St. (1/1)  
Ross Homan Ohio State ILB Sr. 4th rd Arkansas (1/4)  
Mike Mohamed California ILB Sr. Late rds    
Nate Irving North Carolina St. ILB Sr. 3rd rd West Virginia (12/28) 1 sack, 1 FF, 1 Fumble recovery.
Greg Jones Michigan St. ILB Sr. 3rd rd Alabama (1/1)  
Casey Matthews Oregon ILB Sr. Late rds Auburn (1/10)  
Quan Sturdivant North Carolina ILB Sr. 2nd rd Tennessee (12/30)  
Chris White Mississippi St. ILB Sr. Late rds Michigan (1/1)  
Alex Wujciak Maryland ILB Sr. 4th rd East Carolina (12/29)
Travis Lewis Oklahoma LB Jr. 2nd rd Connecticut (1/2)  
Colin McCarthy Miami LB Sr. 3rd rd Notre Dame (12/31)  
Prince Amukamara Nebraska CB Sr. 1st rd Washington (12/30)  
Chykie Brown Texas CB Sr. 4th rd   Broken forearm. Done for season.
Curtis Brown Texas CB Sr. 2nd rd    
Rashad Carmichael Virginia Tech CB Sr. 3rd rd Stanford (1/3)  
Chimdi Chekwa Ohio State CB Sr. 3rd/4th rd Arkansas (1/4)  
Marcus Gilchrist Clemson CB Sr. 3rd rd South Florida (12/31)  
Brandon Harris Miami CB Jr. 2nd rd Notre Dame (12/31)  
Brandon Hogan West Virginia CB Sr. 5th rd North Carolina St. (12/28)  
Janoris Jenkins Florida CB Jr. 1st rd Penn St. (1/1)  
Patrick Peterson LSU CB Jr. 1st rd Texas A&M (1/7)  
Aaron Williams Texas CB Jr. 2nd rd  
Shareece Wright USC CB Sr. 4th rd    
Mark Barron Alabama S Jr. 2nd/3rd rd Michigan St. (1/1)  
Ahmed Black Florida S Jr. 4th rd Penn St. (1/1)  
Quinton Carter Oklahoma S Sr. 2nd rd Connecticut (1/2)  
Jermale Hines Ohio St. S Sr. Late rds Arkansas (1/4)  
DeAndre McDaniel Clemson S Sr. 3rd rd South Florida (12/31)  
Rahim Moore UCLA S Jr. 2nd rd   Most likely returning to school.
Robert Sands West Virginia S Jr. 2nd rd North Carolina St. (12/28) 1 sack.
Deunta Williams North Carolina S Sr. 3rd rd Tennessee (12/30)