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BFTB Scouting: College Bowl Games Part 4

Featured Game
Champs Sports Bowl
West Virginia (9-3) vs North Carolina St. (8-4) Tuesday 12/28 3:30 PM PT (ESPN)

The West Virginia Mountaineers are both a team in turmoil and a team on a 4 game hot streak. Their Head Coach Bill Stewart is essentially a lame duck, but will return for the 2011 season. His successor, Dana Holgerson, has already been hire to be the Offensive Coordinator and Head-Coach-in-waiting. The Mountaineers calling card this year was their defense, which scored the second most points of any defense in the FBS. That defense features a couple of BFTB scouting targets as well as some NFL sleepers. West Virginia used to be known for their dynamic spread offense, but RB Noel Devine hasn't had the year many expected due to a lingering toe injury and Sophomore QB Geno Smith despite 2,567 passing yards (second most in school history) never could fit into the big shoes that former-Dolphin Pat White and former-49er Jarrett Brown left behind (both used their legs more to help the offense go).

North Carolina State is coming off a loss to Maryland that knocked the Wolfpack out of the ACC Championship Game.  Their offense is built around Junior QB Russell Wilson and a prolific passing game as well as Senior MLB Nate Irving's leadership on defense. Wilson has two senior WRs to throw to in Owen Spencer and Jarvis Williams who are both NFL sleepers. He also has a Senior TE George Bryan to look for when they get close to the goal line. Wilson can also use his legs and had 394 rushing yards (just 190 yards less than the team's leading rusher Freshman RB Mustafa Greene). Nate Irving will look to lead his troops in stopping the Mountaineer offense, but most likely the team will rely on outscoring its opponent like it had to against their tougher opponents this year (high scoring wins against UNC, Florida St., Georgia Tech and high scoring losses to East Carolina, Virginia Tech and Maryland).

BFTB Scouting Targets:
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Noel Devine West Virginia RB Sr. 5'7 177 lbs
A tough runner with diminutive size. He's fast and is useful in the passing game. Has not shown the ability to return kicks, so that limits his uses at the next level. Some character issues that supposed he has matured from. Probably 3rd or 4th round pick. Likely to become a 3rd down back. Original Writeup
Brandon Hogan
West Virginia CB Sr. 5'10 194 lbs
Plays with intensity. Shows quickness on the field. Not an asset in man-to-man coverages. Has some character issues. Doesn't have good hands. Could be a nickle corner. Will probably get drafted in 5th round or later. Original Writeup
Robert Sands West Virginia S Jr. 6'4 221 lbs
Big, fast safety that can cover a lot of ground and can make tackles. He's a leader on the defense. Only a Junior, so he could stay in school. If he declares he could go as high as the 2nd round, but may be a 3rd or 4th rounder. Original Writeup
Nate Irving North Carolina St. ILB Sr. 6'1 231 lbs
Determined athlete who returned from injuries suffered in a car accident to have a productive year. He's a rangy inside linebacker who showed at times he could dominate a game, especially in run support. He can also get after the QB. He projects as a 3rd round pick, but I could see him going higher. Original Writeup
NFL Prospects:
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
George Bryan North Carolina St. TE Sr. 6'4 264 lbs
Used most of his college career as a red zone asset, he did see some dropoff in 2010. However, he was still productive enough to be 1st team All ACC at TE. Ran into a bit of trouble after being arrested for marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession.
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Jockee Sanders West Virginia WR Sr. 5'6 181 lbs
Christopher Neild West Virginia OT Sr. 6'1 306 lbs
James Thomas West Virginia OLB Sr. 6'1 231 lbs
Patrick Lazear West Virginia ILB Sr. 6'0 234 lbs
Scooter Berry West Virginia DT Sr. 6'0 288 lbs
Sidney Glover West Virginia S Sr. 5'11 209 lbs
Matthew Gratzek North Carolina St. DT Sr. 6'2 286 lbs
Michael Lemon North Carolina St. DE Sr. 6'4 267 lbs
Jarvis Williams North Carolina St. WR Sr. 6'3 218 lbs
Michael Arndt North Carolina St. OT Sr. 6'6 315 lbs
Jake Vermiglio North Carolina St. OT Sr. 6'4 319 lbs
Owen Spencer North Carolina St. WR Sr. 6'2 185 lbs
David Akinniyi North Carolina St. DE Sr. 6'3 253 lbs

Other Games
Insight Bowl
Missouri (10-2) vs Iowa (7-5) Tuesday 12/28 7:00 PM PT (ESPN)
Military Bowl Presented by Northrup Grumman
East Carolina (6-6) vs Maryland (8-4) Wednesday 12/29 11:30 PM PT (ESPN)
Texas Bowl
Illinois (6-6) vs Baylor (7-5) Wednesday 12/29 3:00 PM PT (ESPN)
Valero Alamo Bowl
Oklahomas St. (10-2) vs Arizona (7-5) Wednesday 12/29 6:15 PM PT (ESPN)

Insight Bowl: Missouri vs. Iowa
BFTB Scouting Targets:
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Christian Ballard Iowa DE/DT Sr. 6'4 296 lbs
Ballard holds well at the point of attack and gets good leverage to shoot inside and get penetration. When he breaks through the line he's quick and can finish his pursuit well. Original Writeup
Karl Klug Iowa DE/OLB Sr. 6'2 285 lbs
Klug is lining up at DT for the Hawkeyes, but he projects to move to DE in any defense or possibly stand up and play 3-4 OLB. He's got a motor that you like to see. His hands are quick and he can disengage a defender to make a play on a ball carrier. He has a good swim move to help get penetration. However, he'll be a project as he learns new positions in the NFL. Original Writeup
NFL Prospects:
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Blaine Gabbert Missouri QB Jr. 6'5 240 lbs
Confident QB with high grades for character. Accuracy on some deep balls is questionable, but can hit short easy. Good arm strength, good understanding of coverages and can move in the confines of pocket. Plays in a spread offense and will need to adjust to new style when he goes pro.
Adrian Clayborn Iowa DE Sr. 6'3 285 lbs
Would be a BFTB scouting target, but he'll be taken too high for the Chargers to worry about. Powerful pass rush who can jar his opponents. He can shed blocks with more ease that most college DEs. Versatility to play 3-4 or 4-3 DE and could even be a 4-3 DT. His one weakness is that he doesn't always have the athleticism to make a sack or tackle against an agile opponent. Original Writeup
Ricky Stanzi Iowa QB Sr. 6'4 230 lbs
He's a battler. The kind of guy you want under center when things didn't go well all day, but one or two 4th quarter drives could still lead to a victory. Delivery is long and some his technique is sloppy, which leads to inaccuracy. But, his size, arm strength and mental makeup help project him as someone that can be developed into an NFL QB.
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Tim Barnes Missouri OG Sr. 6'3 295 lbs
Jasper Simmons Missouri S Sr. 6'0 199 lbs
Kevin Rutland Missouri CB Sr. 5'11 190 lbs
Luke Lambert Missouri ILB Sr. 6'2 230 lbs
Derrick Washington Missouri RB Sr. 5'11 216 lbs
Carl Gettis Missouri CB Sr. 5'9 197 lbs
Munior Prince Missouri CB Sr. 5'11 179 lbs
Andrew Gachkar Missouri OLB Sr. 6'2 231 lbs
Jarrel Harrison Missouri S Sr. 6'0 219 lbs
Ryan Donahue Iowa P Sr. 6'2 189 lbs
Jeff Tarpinian Iowa ILB Sr. 6'1 237 lbs
Andrew Schulze Iowa LS Sr. 6'4 258 lbs
Brett Morse Iowa FB Sr. 6'2 242 lbs
Allen Reisner Iowa TE Sr. 6'2 242 lbs
Jeremiha Hunter Iowa OLB Sr. 6'0 231 lbs
Brett Greenwood Iowa S Sr. 5'11 196 lbs
Julian Vendervelde Iowa OG Sr. 6'2 292 lbs

Military Bowl Presented by Northrup Grumman: East Carolina vs. Maryland
BFTB Scouting Targets:
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Dwayne Harris East Carolina WR Sr. 5'10 202 lbs
He's a good slot receiver with good hands who can go over the middle. He'd be an asset on third downs because he first for yardage and knows where the down marker is. Lacks the ideal and height and speed to be another more than that though. Probably won't go an higher than the 4th round.
Torrey Smith Maryland WR Jr. 6'0 202 lbs
Excellent athlete who can make plays after the catch and return kicks. He's very fast, but it's more than just straight line speed. He's not a natural pass catcher and needs improve technique. If this sounds a lot like Darrius Heyward-Bey, then that's probably because they both came from Maryland and were recruited by the same people. I think he's a little bit more versatile than the current Oakland Raider.
Alex Wujciak Maryland ILB Sr. 6'2 245 lbs
What you'd expect from a run-stopping ILB. He's got good instincts and commonly the first to diagnose what's going to happen with a given play. Has a high motor, can take the proper angles and is a technique tackler. He's a liability in coverage though. He can also be slow to change directions. His strengths could push him as high as the 4th round, but those weaknesses are hard to overlook.
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Willie Smith East Carolina OT Sr. 6'5 286 lbs
David Scott East Carolina OG Sr. 6'5 295 lbs
Kevin Gidrey East Carolina TE Sr. 6'2 251 lbs
Travis Simmons East Carolina CB Sr. 5'9 183 lbs
Jonathan Williamns East Carolina RB Sr. 5'11 217 lbs
Dekota Marshall East Carolina CB Sr. 6'0 193 lbs
Cory Dowless East Carolina OG Sr. 6'3 302 lbs
Travis Baltz Maryland P Sr. 6'2 200 lbs
Will Yeatman Maryland TE Sr. 6'5 270 lbs
Adrian Moten Maryland OLB Sr. 6'1 227 lbs
Da'Rel Scott Maryland RB Sr. 5'11 198 lbs
Antwine Perez Maryland S Sr. 6'0 211 lbs
Adrian Cannon Maryland WR Sr. 6'1 206 lbs
Laquan Williams Maryland WR Sr. 6'1 191 lbs

Texas Bowl: Illinois vs. Baylor
NFL Prospects:
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Corey Liuget
Illinois DT Jr. 6'3 300 lbs
Liuget gets rave reviews from anyone who followed the Big Ten. There's plenty of high level competition on opposing offensive lines in that conference and Liuget not only held his own but dominated against some. He's a physical force that must be accounted for at all times. He's got first round potential if he declares.
Mikel Leshoure Illinois RB Jr. 6'0 227 lbs
Has some similarities to Chargers RB Ryan Mathews. He runs a bit high, but has good speed and power. He has quick feet and can elude defenders. He's a one-cut runner that could do well in a zone blocking scheme. His weakness is that he lacks some of the vision a more polished back would have. He should probably stay in school. If not though, he could go in the 3rd-4th round area, but also could go much higher to the right team.
Phil Taylor Baylor DT Sr. 6'3 351 lbs
Massive frame with good upper and lower body strength. Questions about his durability at the NFL. Can anchor the point of attack against the run and uses hands well to disengage and move players. Could go in the 4th round or perhaps later.
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Anthony Santella
Illinois P Sr. 6'0 184 lbs
Clay Nurse Illinois DE Sr. 6'3 261 lbs
Ryan Palmer
Illinois OT Sr. 6'6 293 lbs
Randall Hunt
Illinois IOG Sr. 6'5 305 lbs
Travis Bellamy
Illinois S
Sr. 5'11 201 lbs
Nathan Bussey
Illinois OLB Sr. 6'1 217 lbs
Jarred Fayson
Illinois WR Sr. 6'0 213 lbs
Edward McGee
Illinois WR Sr. 6'3 205 lbs
Danny Watkins
Baylor OG Sr. 6'3 306 lbs
Derek Epperson
Baylor P Sr. 6'2 236 lbs
Jay Finley
Baylor RB Sr. 5'10 213 lbs
Brad Taylor
Baylor TE Sr. 6'2 233 lbs
Antonio Johnson
Baylor OLB Sr. 5'11 219 lbs
Timothy Atchison
Baylor CB Sr. 6'1 204 lbs
Earl Patin
Baylor OLB Sr. 6'0 232 lbs
Antareis Bryan
Baylor CB Sr. 6'1 190 lbs
Byron Landor
Baylor S Sr. 6'0 211 lbs

Valero Alamo Bowl: Oklahoma St. vs. Arizona
BFTB Scouting Targets:
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Justin Blackmon Oklahoma St. WR So. 6'1 207 lbs
Blackmon is only a sophomore, but he's broken out big time this season. He's shown all the skills and abilities to make it as a #1 WR at the next level. A comparison that might be apt is Atlanta's Roddy White since Blackmon doesn't have the height advantage like a Vincent Jackson or Andre Johnson or Calvin Johnson, but he's also not undersized and is still a playmaker. He's a likely 1st round pick if he declares.
Kendall Hunter Oklahoma St. RB Sr. 5'8 202 lbs
Undersized RB who above average speed. His big asset is his quickness that allows him to elude the first defender and get through holes quickly. He's also an asset of the backfield as a receiving option. He isn't going to run to contact and definitely won't push a pile. He could go in the 3rd round.
Brooks Reed
Arizona DE/OLB Sr. 6'2 253 lbs
He has the physical abilities to move to 3-4 OLB and has shown some ability to succeed in zone coverage in his limited usage in that role. He's also a good edge pass rusher and is relentless in his pursuit. He's also a good wrap up tackler and can finish off a play. He could go as high as the 2nd round, but with some of the depth at his position could fall to the 4th round under the right circumstances. Original Writeup
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Orie Lemon
Oklahoma St.
Sr. 6'0 238 lbs
Dan Bailey
Oklahoma St. K Sr. 6'0 202 lbs
Ugo Chinasa
Oklahoma St. DE Sr. 6'5 248 lbs
Anthony Morgan
Oklahoma St. OG Sr. 6'3 318 lbs
Shane Jarka
Oklahoma St. DT Sr. 6'3 293 lbs
Andrew McGee
Oklahoma St. CB Sr. 6'0 192 lbs
Chris Donaldson
Oklahoma St. DT Sr. 6'1 298 lbs
Nicolas Grigsby
Arizona RB Sr. 5'10 195 lbs
Keenyn Crier
Arizona P Sr. 6'1 200 lbs
Colin Baxter
Arizona C Sr. 6'2 291 lbs
Adam Grant Arizona OT Sr. 6'6 324 lbs
Rick Elmore Arizona DE Sr. 6'4 258 lbs
Delashaun Dean Arizona WR Sr. 6'3 212 lbs

Tracking Prospects Mentioned In Previous Articles:

Prospect Name College Position Class Proj. Draft Position

Bowl Game Opponent (Date)

Noel Devine West Virginia RB Sr. 3rd/4th rd North Carolina St. (12/28)  
Kendall Hunter Oklahoma St. RB Sr. 3rd/4th rd Arizona (12/29)  
LaMichael James Oregon RB So. 2nd rd Auburn (1/10)  
DeMarco Murray Oklahoma RB Sr. 2nd rd Connecticut (1/2)  
Jacquizz Rodgers Oregon St. RB Jr. 3rd rd  
Brandon Saine Ohio State RB Sr. Late rds Arkansas (1/4)  
Shane Vereen California RB Jr. 3rd rd  
Jonathan Baldwin Pittsburgh WR Jr. 1st/2nd rd Kentucky (1/8)  
Armon Binns Cincinnati WR Sr. 5th rd    
Vincent Brown San Diego St. WR Sr. 4th rd Navy (12/23) 8 rec. 165 yds. 1 TD. 1 car. -13 yds.
Ryan Broyles Oklahoma WR Jr. 1st/2nd rd Connecticut (1/2)  
Michael Floyd Notre Dame WR Jr. 3rd rd. Miami (12/31) Stock is down. May stay in school.
A.J Green Georgia WR Jr. 1st rd. UCF (12/31)  
Leonard Hankerson Miami WR Sr. 4th/5th rd Notre Dame (12/31)  
Jerrel Jernigan Troy WR Sr. 2nd rd Ohio (12/18) 7 rec. 48 yds. 1 TD. 3 car. 16 yds. 1 TD. Returned kicks and punts.
Ron Johnson USC WR Sr. 4th/5th rd  
Derrell Johnson-Koulianos Iowa WR Sr. 3rd/4th rd Dismissed from team after arrest on drug chargers
Julio Jones Alabama WR Jr. 1st rd Michigan St. (1/1)  
Jeremy Kerley TCU WR Sr. 5th/6th rd Wisconsin (1/1)  
Greg Little North Carolina WR Sr. 2nd-4th rd NCAA ruled him permanently ineligible.
Niles Paul Nebraska WR Sr. 3rd/4th rd Washington (12/30)  
Austin Pettis Boise St. WR Sr. Late rds Utah (12/22) 12 rec. 147 yds. 1 TD.
DeVier Posey Ohio State WR Jr. 2nd/3rd rd Arkansas (1/4)  
Greg Salas Hawaii WR Sr. 4th rd Tulsa (12/24) 13 rec. 214 yds. 2 TDs.
DeMarco Sampson San Diego St. WR Sr. Late rds Navy (12/23) 2 rec. 45 yds.
Terrance Toliver LSU WR Sr. 4th/5th rd Texas A&M (1/7)  
Nick Toon Wisconsin WR Jr. 4th/5th rd TCU (1/1)  
Titus Young Boise St. WR Sr. 3rd/4th rd Utah (12/22) 6 rec. 64 yds. 3 car. 9 yds.
Gabe Carimi Wisconsin OT Sr.

1st/2nd rd

TCU (1/1)  
Demarcus Love Arkansas OT Sr. 2nd rd Ohio State (1/4)  
Jason Pinkston Pittsburgh OT Sr. 3rd rd Kentucky (1/8)  
Derek Sherrod Mississippi St. OT Sr. 1st/2nd rd Michigan (1/1)  
Stephen Paea Oregon St. NT Sr. 1st rd    
Ian Williams Notre Dame NT Sr. Late rds Miami (12/31) Torn MCL. Will probably  miss bowl game and combine.
Christian Ballard Iowa DE/DT Sr. 4th rd Missouri (12/28)  
Jared Crick Nebraska DE/DT Jr. 3rd rd Washington (12/30)  
Nick Fairley Auburn DE/DT Jr. 1st rd Oregon (1/10)  
Allen Bailey Miami DE Sr. 1st rd Notre Dame (12/31)  
Da'Quan Bowers Clemson DE Jr. 1st rd South Florida (12/31)  
Adrian Clayborn Iowa DE Sr. 1st rd Missouri (12/28)  
Karl Klug Iowa DE Sr. 5th rd Missouri (12/28)  
Cameron Jordan California DE Sr. 1st/2nd rd    
J.J. Watt Wisconsin DE Jr. 2nd rd TCU (1/1)  
Pierre Allen Nebraska DE/OLB Sr. 4th rd Washington (12/30)  
Jeremy Beal Oklahoma DE/OLB Sr. 2nd rd Connecticut (1/2)  
Ryan Kerrigan Purdue DE/OLB Sr. 1st rd  
Cliff Matthews South Carolina DE/OLB Sr. 3rd/4th rd Florida St. (12/31)  
Pernell McPhee Mississippi St. DE/OLB Sr. 2nd rd Michigan (1/1)  
Brooks Reed Arizona DE/OLB Sr. 2nd/3rd rd Oklahoma St. (12/29)  
Greg Romeus Pittsburgh DE/OLB Sr. 3rd rd   Torn ACL done for the year.
Jabaal Sheard Pittsburgh DE/OLB Sr. 2nd rd Kentucky (1/8)  
Kelvin Sheppard LSU DE/OLB Sr. 3rd rd Texas A&M (1/7)  
Akeem Ayers UCLA OLB Jr. 1st rd  
Bruce Carter North Carolina OLB Sr. 2nd rd   Torn ACL. Will miss bowl game and probably combine.
Brandon Hicks Florida OLB So. 5th rd Penn St. (1/1)  
Von Miller Texas A&M OLB Sr. 1st rd LSU (1/7)  
Dontay Moch Nevada OLB Sr. 3rd rd Boston College (1/9)  
Jonas Mouton Michigan OLB Sr. Late rds Mississippi St. (1/1)  
Kennth Wright Mississippi St. OLB Sr. 4th rd Michigan (1/1)  
Obi Ezeh Michigan ILB Sr. Late rds Mississippi St. (1/1)  
Ross Homan Ohio State ILB Sr. 4th rd Arkansas (1/4)  
Mike Mohamed California ILB Sr. Late rds    
Nate Irving North Carolina St. ILB Sr. 3rd rd West Virginia (12/28)  
Greg Jones Michigan St. ILB Sr. 3rd rd Alabama (1/1)  
Casey Matthews Oregon ILB Sr. Late rds Auburn (1/10)  
Quan Sturdivant North Carolina ILB Sr. 2nd rd Tennessee (12/30)  
Chris White Mississippi St. ILB Sr. Late rds Michigan (1/1)  
Travis Lewis Oklahoma LB Jr. 2nd rd Connecticut (1/2)  
Colin McCarthy Miami LB Sr. 3rd rd Notre Dame (12/31)  
Prince Amukamara Nebraska CB Sr. 1st rd Washington (12/30)  
Chykie Brown Texas CB Sr. 4th rd   Broken forearm. Done for season.
Curtis Brown Texas CB Sr. 2nd rd    
Rashad Carmichael Virginia Tech CB Sr. 3rd rd Stanford (1/3)  
Chimdi Chekwa Ohio State CB Sr. 3rd/4th rd Arkansas (1/4)  
Marcus Gilchrist Clemson CB Sr. 3rd rd South Florida (12/31)  
Brandon Harris Miami CB Jr. 2nd rd Notre Dame (12/31)  
Brandon Hogan West Virginia CB Sr. 5th rd North Carolina St. (12/28)  
Janoris Jenkins Florida CB Jr. 1st rd Penn St. (1/1)  
Patrick Peterson LSU CB Jr. 1st rd Texas A&M (1/7)  
Aaron Williams Texas CB Jr. 2nd rd  
Shareece Wright USC CB Sr. 4th rd    
Mark Barron Alabama S Jr. 2nd/3rd rd Michigan St. (1/1)  
Ahmed Black Florida S Jr. 4th rd Penn St. (1/1)  
Quinton Carter Oklahoma S Sr. 2nd rd Connecticut (1/2)  
Jermale Hines Ohio St. S Sr. Late rds Arkansas (1/4)  
DeAndre McDaniel Clemson S Sr. 3rd rd South Florida (12/31)  
Rahim Moore UCLA S Jr. 2nd rd   Most likely returning to school.
Robert Sands West Virginia S Jr. 2nd rd North Carolina St. (12/28)  
Deunta Williams North Carolina S Sr. 3rd rd Tennessee (12/30)