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Signal Stealing: Comments & Tweets from Week 16's Chargers vs. Bengals Game

One of my favorite features at Football Outsiders each week is their Audibles at the Line and so I thought, "hey we should totally rip that off."  Below are the comments and tweets from Sunday's game that caught my eye.

Wonko: Mike Tolbert just Eddie George'd it.

Wonko: A.J. will never get fired. And there's basically no reason for him to.

sdutCanepaHard not to score when you have first and goal at the 1. Easy not to score when the O line doesn't block a soul. Embarrassing. #sdut

TJBOLTThe charter members of playing out of their minds against the chargers are: Carson Palmer and Jason Campbell

bonesjacksonAFC West Champs!!!! Chiefs!!!!!

justdave: ok guys, im all well and good with Norv being excellent at adjusting and making us an awesome 2nd half team but it brings the question, why aren’t we prepared to start the game??

shaqfor3just a few more field goals and we got this!!

cameronm: ballgame it was a good year guys, well not really, but hey whatever

Wonko: Got to be ready for those trick hurry-up plays when the other team knows they can't just line up and beat you and have nothing to lose.

Bolt Brother: Can we finally say at the end of year four THAT THE NORV EXPERIMENT HAS FAILED!!!

Bolt BrotherRivers is overrated. Crucial picks are an overlooked aspect of Rivers legacy

strummerdespite being behind

I thought the Chargers were going to win this game. I could feel it!
That all ended about 5 minutes ago.
So did the season.

Chargers411did anyone else have a bad feeling after the first play of the game? maybe the chiefs will pull a giants move and win it all. chargers just didnt deserve it this year, hopefully itl bring em back hungry next year. i really dont think they stood any chance against anyone in the playoffs anyway except colts.

Zach Rosen: Ten days off and you play like this? Unbelievable.

sdpads24I'm not as disappointed as I thought I'd be. Either I already accepted it before this game that we’d probably not make the playoffs or it’s all those disappointing seasons of being a chargers fan. I’d say the latter.