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OT: Chargers at Bengals, 2nd Half

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The bad bullet form.

  • The Chargers have no shot at the Wild Card because of Jacksonville's loss today. Their only shot at making the playoffs is beating the Bengals and Broncos, then having the Raiders beat the Chiefs.
  • The Chargers might not beat the Bengals.
  • Mike Tolbert left the field on a stretcher, meaning he's probably done for the remainder of the season. The running game looks lost without him.
  • The wind is making passing the ball difficult.
  • With 1st & goal on the 1 yard line, the Chargers ran the ball three times and ended up kicking a FG from the 3 yard line on 4th down.
  • Carson Palmer looks like a decent NFL QB.

Let's hope the Chargers can turn things around quickly, before I have to restart the "Fire Norv!" campaign.