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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: The Greatest Team That Still Has Potential

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Maybe the craziest thing about the San Diego Chargers is that they never seem to reach their full potential, and I'm not talking about their record. This is probably more common in the NFL than I realize, but the Bolts never seem to have all of their stars/key players healthy at the same time.

For the last few weeks, at least when the Chargers play well, I find a time towards the end of the game to say "Imagine this team adding one of the greatest TEs in history to start the playoffs. They'd be unstoppable." This week it would appear that the Chargers will be missing (at least) Antonio Gates, Malcom Floyd and Stephen Cooper. Those are very important and impactful players, and if the Chargers could somehow get lucky enough to make the playoffs and get healthy over the next two weeks they would make for a tough opponent for anybody.

With as perfect, or near-perfect, as the Chargers have looked over the last two weeks in their dismantling of Kansas City and San Francisco (and in blowouts of the Colts and Broncos before that) it is scary to imagine that they might be missing their best player.

Anyways, San Diego knows that the only reason for the season is to make the playoffs and they still need a little help from either the Titans or Raiders for that to happen. All the eyes of San Diego, and in that visitors' locker room in Cincinnati, will be on this morning's Titans/Chiefs game with the hope that this afternoon's game could be for first place in the AFC West. Following along with the early game, comment below, and I'll be back to comment on that game and open up the thread for the Chargers game around 1pm Pacific.