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Game Ball: Vincent Jackson is a Rich Man

Through 2 games, Vincent Jackson has 7 catches for 141 yards and 3 TDs. Not only does that make for a ridiculous 20+ Yards/Reception, but it means Vincent stepped onto the field after 11 months off and immediately started averaging 3+ catches, 70+ yards and 1.5 TDs per game. Let there be no doubt, as long as Philip Rivers is throwing the ball to him Jackson will perform as one of (if not the) best WRs in the league.

There has been a lot of talk since the win over San Francisco about the Chargers keeping Jackson next season. Up to this point, that option had a snowball's chance in hell. Now, with it becoming obvious that the Chargers powerful offense seems to get exponentially more dangerous with Jackson on the field, it almost seems like the easiest and most obvious solution to the question of "How do the Chargers keep their Super Bowl window open?"

The key to this might end up being Jackson's teammates, and specifically Rivers. The Chargers are not the Cowboys, and they cannot hand any contract to any player without first worrying about the financial implications. The Patriots were in a similar situation a few seasons ago with Randy Moss, and Tom Brady restructured his deal to make financial room for the team to give Moss what he wanted. This said two things: One, Brady believed Moss wouldn't make any waves in the locker room. He was right and wrong about that, but that's besides the point. Two, Brady believed he had a better chance at being a winning QB with Moss as one of his options.

I'm not saying the Chargers need Rivers to restructure his deal to get Jackson back, specifically long-term, but as the face of the franchise Rivers could control this issue if he wanted to. If El Capitan walked into A.J. Smith's office, made the offer to restructure his own deal and said "We're a better team with Vincent. I trust him and want him on this team", do you really think A.J. Smith would laugh him off? It's an interesting possibility at least.

Anyways, back to this game against the 49ers. Jackson is doing what most people expected him to do once he got on the field. He is playing out of his mind, as good as he possibly can, in hopes that he can show enough in 4 games to convince somebody to sign him to a long-term deal. Somebody is going to want him, and the Chargers currently hold all the cards on him. Even if he becomes and Unrestricted Free Agent, it would make sense for the Bolts to place the Franchise Tag on him and either get back a bunch in a trade or keep their star receiver for at least one more season.

vs SFX / 12.16.10 Receiving
Rec Yards Avg TD
Vincent Jackson 5 112 22.4 3