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In case you're wondering why this site has not yet been updated with either a "CHIEFS LOSE!" or "Chiefs win. Womp womp" post, it is because I am currently away from a computer....which is probably the right call considering I'm also imbibing alcohol. Lots, if the Chiefs won that game.

So, while you're watching the late games (Broncos/Raiders, Jets/Steelers) and the really late game (Packers/Patriots), comment along below. Now, without further ado, the return of j-man's AFC West Breakdown:

Kansas City Chiefs - They are one-dimensional without Matt Cassel. Stop their running game, and Dwayne Bowe, and you win against the Chiefs. Todd Haley deserves at least a few Coach of the Year votes for the quick turnaround of this team, but they still need their play-makers to make plays and play well if they're going to beat the Rams.

Projection: 10-6 (losing to the Rams, beating Titans and Raiders)


San Diego Chargers - They look to be playing their best football, and maybe anybody's best football, the last few weeks. Philip Rivers is having an MVP-type season, and I like their soft schedule.

Projection: 10-6, AFC West Champions


Oakland Raiders - A good team that hasn't learned how to finish, games or seasons. Bad losses to the Cardinals and 49ers will end up doing them in when they land outside the playoffs.

Projection: 8-8


Denver Broncos - Awful, just awful. Thank goodness they occasionally get to play teams that are even worse than them (like the Panthers).

Projection: 3-13