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OT: 49ers at Chargers, 2nd Half

At halftime, the Chargers have jumped out to a commanding 17-0 lead and have done it by eliminating Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree from the Niners' offense. Justin Smith, the 49ers' best defensive lineman, did his teammate no favors when he was ejected from the game for pushing a referee.

So far, with a steady mix of passes to no-name receivers like Kelley Washington and Kory Sperry, Philip Rivers has kept the Chargers offense moving downfield and has opened up some room for the Mike Tolbert/Ryan Mathews tandem. Look for the team to continue doing what they've been doing on both sides of the ball, and eventually work to run out the clock.

First-Half MVP: Kevin Burnett, who Vernon Davis will see in his nightmares.