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Comparing Common Opponents with the Chiefs

This week, with playoff scenarios becoming a bigger deal, I keep hearing about the Chargers beating the Chiefs in terms of "record against common opponents" if their overall and division records are the same. I was being lazy in investigating this, until today, and found out that it's somewhat true....although complicated. Ready? Let's go.


AFC West (2-3): Chiefs (1-1), Raiders (0-2), Broncos (1-0)
AFC South (4-0): Colts (1-0), Texans (1-0), Jaguars (1-0), Titans (1-0)
NFC West (1-2): Seahawks (0-1), Rams (0-1), Cardinals (1-0)

Record: 7-5

Games remaining against common opponents: SF, @DEN


AFC West (2-3): Chargers (1-1), Raiders (0-1), Broncos (1-1)
AFC South (1-2): Colts (0-1), Texans (0-1), Jaguars (1-0)
NFC West (3-0): Seahawks (1-0), 49ers (1-0), Cardinals (1-0)

Record: 6-5

Games remaining against common opponents: @StL, TEN, OAK

So, is it true? Kind of. In all the ways that it matters to Chargers fans, it's true. If both teams win out, it's irrelevant. The only way these teams end with a record against common opponents that is the same is if the Chargers lose either to the 49ers or Broncos and the Chiefs win out...again, these records wouldn't matter then.

As it pertains to the Chargers playoff chances, if it becomes a factor to get into the playoffs the Chargers will have the better record against common opponents. So they have that going for them.