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OT: Chiefs at Chargers, 2nd Half

Oh no! The naysayers were right! All this team needed was a little Vincent Jackson and they'd be dominating in no-time! Well, sorry for mocking you guys out and banning a few of you from the site. Forgive me?

Anyways, here is the 1st half broken down in list-form:

Those Who Dominated
Philip Rivers
Offensive Line
Malcom Floyd
Vincent Jackson
Mike Tolbert
Darren Sproles
Defensive Line
Stephen Cooper
Shaun Phillips
Eric Weddle

Anybody left off that list is merely because the Chiefs haven't gotten around to getting that particular Chargers player involved in the game yet. Wait, no....I saw Paul Oliver tackle Jamaal Charles on one play, but let him get another 2 yards during the tackle. FOR SHAME, Paul Oliver. You're letting your teammates down. Step your game up.

Let's get going on the second half, which will either be a heart-breaking comeback by the Chiefs or a show of utter-domination that will have the 49ers peeing their pants. Also, it could maybe sell some tickets by tomorrow and help avoid the TV blackout of the game (we'll get to that later though).


For Tolbert:

Cali Swag District - Teach Me How To Dougie (via emimusic)