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Official: Bills claim Merriman, Titans claim Moss

First, the Silver Fox:

It is done. Merriman to Buffalo.

So that's done. The Buffalo Bills, who play a 4-3/3-4 hybrid defense will probably play a little more 3-4 once Merriman gets a hang of the defense and is in good enough shape to get on the field for them.

Randy Moss, who was also going through waivers today and many speculated might end up in San Diego, is reported going to the Tennessee Titans. However, Adam Schefter warns that the Raiders and Dolphins might've put in a claim for him and would have the right to him before Tennessee.

We'll find out for certain where Moss will be playing the rest of this season within the hour, but for right now it sounds like the Titans are the likeliest destination.

UPDATE: Titans have won their claim for Randy Moss, and I imagine he'll be replacing the injured Kenny Britt ASAP.