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Shawne Merriman claimed by Buffalo Bills (Probably!)

Rumors are swirling now, Jay Glazer was the first to actually report it, that the Buffalo Bills (who have the #1 spot in the order of waiver claims) have put a claim on Shawne Merriman. This means that Merriman would immediately become a Buffalo Bill and can play for them on Sunday against the Chicago Bears.

Right now these are rumors, and the Bills still technically have an hour to "pull out" and not claim Merriman. However, former Chargers Assistant GM Buddy Nix may be willing to bite the bullet to drum up excitement in Buffalo and get a victory (they are currently 0-7). I don't blame him. The Bills have a secondary filled with playmakers, and getting a better pass-rush from their front 4 would go a long way towards turning this team around.

The underlying story here is that the acquisition shows just how disappointed the Bills are with their 2009 1st round draft pick Aaron Maybin (zero sacks in 21 games). Hopefully Merriman can have some success in Buffalo heading into free agency, and maybe help teach Maybin a few things along the way. I think that's what the Bills are hoping for in claiming Shawne.

The Bills are currently 25th in sacks, with 11 on the season.