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Catching Up: BFTB News & Notes

  • The BFTB Podcast has been pushed back to Thursday again due to previous arrangements on my part for tonight. I don't know who will be joining me (Legedu Naanee? Stephen Cooper? Steve Adler? AJ SMITH?!?), but in all likelihood I will not be alone. If the Chargers lose to the Texans this week, next week's bye-week show might just be me and Wonko discussing who the Bolts should draft next year.
  • I would like to set up a BFTB meetup so that we can get together, share a few beers and watch a Chargers game together. The best chance to do that, and avoid any potential blackout, would be the Sunday night (5:20pm) Chargers at Colts game on 11/28 (the Sunday after Thanksgiving). Most likely destination would be The Beer Company, which is downtown on the corner of Broadway and 6th Ave. If you have any better ideas, put them in the comments below. When plans get solidified, you'll know.
  • On a similar note, creanium and I will be at the Broncos at Chargers Monday night game on 11/22. We will be cooking food and drinking beer in the parking lot, before going into the Q and drinking beer in there. If I remember, I will tweet our tailgating and seat location so you can come by and say hello (call it an informal BFTB meetup). I would prefer if you did not use that information to run us down with your car and/or stab us with the knife you keep in your shoe (looking at you, Broncos fan).
  • I will be out of town next week and busy as all hell, so this would be your chance to make a name for yourself and catch my attention. Less posts by me means more time/room for your high-quality FanPosts on the front page of the site. I know there's still a few of you out there that would love to be part of the BFTB staff, and now is not the time to get discouraged. Next week is the best chance you'll have to get your FanPosts front-paged, re-tweeted and generally put in front of the thousands of daily visitors that come here.