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Chargers Defeat Colts 36-14

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Wow! What a definitive win by the Chargers to announce to the rest of the league that they're back. The Colts had lost by 10, 2 and 3 so far this season before losing by a whopping 22 points to San Diego.

The story of the game, surprisingly, was defense. Peyton Manning had another rough night against the Chargers, throwing 4 interceptions and being hurried all game by Antwan Barnes and Shaun Phillips, and it lead to two defensive touchdowns for San Diego by Kevin Burnett and Eric Weddle.

On the other side of the coin, the Colts struggled to stop the Chargers from driving down the field and let Mike Tolbert run for a crucial 4th quarter touchdown after keeping the potent Bolts offense from getting into the end zone previously. 

Mike Tolbert put another another fantastic performance, gaining over 100 yards and getting another rushing TD (he now has 8) and wearing down the Colts defense and the clock in the 4th quarter.

Everything really came together for San Diego in this game. The rushing game was strong, the passing game was elite (Rivers completed all but 4 of his 23 passes), the pass rush was great and the coverage was good enough in the secondary to take advantage of Manning's mistakes. On top of that, Special Teams was actually a strong point for San Diego! Mike Scifres did a great job of punting, Darren Sproles was above-average with his returns, kick coverage was fantastic and Nate Kaeding went 5-for-5 on FG attempts.

If the Norv-led Chargers can keep up their undefeated strength in the month of December, they could be heading back to the playoffs as AFC West champions again.