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OT: Chargers at Colts, Sunday Night Football

Last-Second Update: From the sound of Kevin Acee's pre-game tweets, it sounds like Antonio Gates will play!

I can't believe it took me this long to realize that almost a third of the Chargers regular-season games (5) are played in prime time this season. The networks are smart though, and put most of those prime time games in November and December....when the Chargers finally get things going.

Last week's game was on Monday night, this week is Sunday night, and weeks 15 and 16 will see the Chargers playing on Thursday night and again on Sunday night (unless it's flexed, nobody wants to see the Bengals). So far the Chargers are 1-1 in prime time this season.

Surprisingly, this is not a Must Win Game for the Chargers. This is a It-Would-Be-Awesome-If-They-Won Game. If they win tonight, many San Diegans will be confident that they're in the middle of watching a 2-5 team win 9 straight games to claim the division title. If the Chargers lose, it will be disappointing....but there will still be plenty of hope.

In case you've been living under a rock, you know that myself and many other BFTB members will be watching the game at The Beer Company downtown (6th & Broadway). If you can, come by and join us. If you can't, have fun in the comments below. There still should be plenty of you for a party.

Richard Wade may or may not be around to create a 2nd half open thread. I should be around tonight for a wrap-up.