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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Sleep In Today

I have some advice if you're reading this before noon: Go back to bed. If only to recover from the pounding you've put on your body for the last three days.

Seriously, with just one (maybe two) decent early games and a late-night Chargers should get your rest. Also, with the BFTB meetup tonight there's always that chance of staying out until the wee hours on Monday morning that you have to be ready for.

Anyways, I am posting this early to announce that I will be on 1070AM The Fan in Indianapolis this morning at 9:30am Pacific. You can listen along live on their website.

Use this as your early game thread as well. The only game I'll really be paying any attention to before 1pm Pacific is Falcons/Packers, which might be an NFC Championship preview. I'll keep an eye on the Giants/Jaguars game also, although I think both teams are over-rated.

Once again, if you haven't already heard, there will be a BFTB meetup tonight. It will start at 5pm at The Beer Company, which is on the corner of 6th Ave. and Broadway in downtown San Diego. Should be a good tiem.