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Be Captain of the Bar During the Chargers Game!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time to start warming your grills and planning your menus. Starting with next week's game against the Oakland Raiders, the Chargers will be playing at home for back-to-back-to-back games. It will be their longest home stretch of the season, and could very likely be the last three home games of the year.

We'll dig deeper into that next week and help you in building your menu, but this week I want to talk about SWAG. Do you know what SWAG is? It's Stuff We All Get, or in this instance....stuff you guys get for free....from me.

When I lived in Philadelphia I did a couple of "BFTB Meetups" in San Diego's Gaslamp District during trips back. I always said to myself "If I ever move back to San Diego, I'm going to do those all the time." True to my forgetful and lazy nature, I've done exactly zero so far this year. So, to make up for it, we'll be having our first BFTB Meetup of the year during the Chargers/Colts SNF game and you'll have a chance to win free drinks.

These are the rules that I made myself just now. The first 10 people to show up get either one (1) free drink of their choice, or two (2) drinks featuring Captain Morgan. So, want a beer? You get one. Gin and Tonic? One. Mojito? Uno. However, if you want a Captain & Coke you will be treated to two of them without paying a dime. After that you're paying for your own drinks. What am I, your boyfriend?

BFTB Meetup Details

Where: The Beer Company, located on the corner of 6th Ave and Broadway.

When: 5pm on Sunday, November 26th. I recommend showing up closer to 5 (even though the game starts at 5:30), for your free drinks and also so that we can discuss the day's games before focusing on the Chargers game. I say this knowing full well that I become rather quiet and anti-social during most Chargers games.