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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Early Games

Well, yet another Sunday with no Chargers football to speak of. Some people love that (no stress) and some find it incredibly boring (I'm in that camp). The good news is that there are two very important games for the Chargers this Sunday, and they're both early games!

The Oakland Raiders are taking their 1-3 road record to Pittsburgh in an attempt to upset them for a second straight season. Jason Campbell will have to prove that he can be a good QB against a good pass-rush if he stands a chance at leading his team to victory. A loss to Pittsburgh, and the Chargers are playing to at least tie the Raiders tomorrow night.

The Kansas City Chiefs are going to attempt to defend their 4-0 home record against the sometimes-dangerous Arizona Cardinals. Just like Oakland, a loss by the Chiefs puts the Chargers in position to tie them with a win on Monday night.