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Pacstud's O-Line Analysis: Cardinals

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Games like this are really enjoyable to breakdown.  The Chargers offensive line came out crisp and stayed that way until the game was out of reach.  There were more pancakes than an IHOP menu and other than Dockett, the Arizona defenders were a non-issue.

Now, Dockett is a stud and there's no two ways about that.  Clary got the bulk of Dockett duty and had some troubles, which would be expected.  Green was made to look like a guy starting his first game ever by Dockett.  However, the overall work by these two was good.  Clary seemed to struggle more in the second half, but with a four touchdown lead a loss of focus could be the culprit.

Dielman and Hardwick were simply great.  This is very good news for those (myself) who have grown concerned about Hardwick's performance when covered by a nose against 3-4 teams.  He seems to be developing a very nice bag of tricks for dealing with solo blocks on a nose.  Realize, a team who has a center that can handle a nose by himself in the run game is a dangerous team.

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Enjoy boys.  Some cool new twists this week.