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Chargers Sign S Tyrone Carter, Release DE Alfonso Boone

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A complete opposite to this time last season, the San Diego Chargers are suddenly deep along the defensive line and need some help at the Safety position. The team went out and signed longtime Steelers FS Tyrone Carter to play backup to Paul Oliver and help out on Special Teams, and released DE Alfonso Boone.

Boone was a bright spot on the defense last year, seemingly playing above his head and being the most effective DE on the team outside of Luis Castillo. This year, with Jacques Cesaire and Travis Johnson playing great in that spot, there wasn't as much need for Boone on the team so he became expendable once Steve Gregory was suspended.

It would not surprise me to see Boone show up on a young team that's switching to the 3-4, like the Buffalo Bills, or to see him back in San Diego if any of our current D-linemen get injured.

Tyrone Carter

#0 / Safety / San Diego Chargers



Mar 31, 1976