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Chargers SS Steve Gregory Suspended Four Games for Banned Substance

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Steve Gregory has tested positive for a banned substance and, just like that, the San Diego Chargers will be without their starting SS (and one of the best players on the defense this season). Can't anybody on this defense play well without immediately getting suspended afterwards?

I was all ready to write an article today about how Gregory has been a big part of the defensive turn-around this year, and how amazing his career has been, and how lucky the Chargers are to have a guy like him playing at this level while Darrell Stuckey learns the ropes. Now it all goes to hell.

The SS spot will probably be split between Paul Oliver and Darrell Stuckey for the next four weeks. If they play well enough, it's possible Gregory loses his starting spot.

Steve Gregory currently leads the San Diego Chargers in tackles with 30 (Burnett is in 2nd with 24) and had an important interception in the first quarter of yesterday's game against the Cardinals.