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OT: Cardinals at Chargers, 2nd Half Party

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Wow, what a first half for the San Diego Chargers against the Arizona Cardinals.

Everything the coaches tried seemed to work to perfection:

  • Philip Rivers is 8/10 with two long TD passes to a wide open Antonio Gates
  • Mike Tolbert is averaging 7.7 yards per carry (with 1 TD) and has 85 yards total, Ryan Mathews is averaging 6.7.
  • Shaun Phillips has 2 sacks (which might get changed to 2.5) to go along with an interception that he returned for a TD.
  • Steve Gregory also has an interception, that came a play after a Tim Hightower TD was called back for holding.
  • Derek Anderson has been benched in favor of Max Hall.

If I'm doing Bolts and Dolts now, there are no Dolts and there are more Bolts than I know what to do with. The biggest applause should be for Ron Rivera and Norv Turner, who has called flawless games thusfar.

Billy Volek, Patrick Crayton, Randy McMichael.....get warm. You're going to be seeing some time on the field in the 2nd half.