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OT: Early Games

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Here's your Week 4 "Final Word with j-man":

Well, who would have thought that the Kansas City Chiefs would be up 2 games in the AFC West after just three weeks? Let's break down each AFC West team.

Chiefs - The Chiefs have a bye this week, giving everyone else in the division a chance to catch up. They're better this year than they were last season because of a better defense (thanks Romeo Crennel) and less mistakes by Matt Cassel (thanks Charlie Weis?). This is a team that plays strong and smart, and even wtih a lack of depth they could win 8-9 games.

Chargers - Still the favorite to take the division, but there are chinks in the armor. Most obvious issues are the bad kick coverage and the running game could be better. Philip Rivers is great though, and even at 1-3 he keeps them as the favorite for the division.

Broncos - Right now, they are the 2008 Broncos. Although they played the Colts well, they've generally played sloppy all season. With their schedule they could be 2-4 or 1-5 in a few weeks, but should go 7-3 over the last 10 games again the NFC West. The Seahawks are the best of the NFC West, without a running game, so if Kyle Orton can keep up his good play the team could ride their weak schedule to a 10-6 record.

Raiders - Bruce Gradkowski is the better QB, so it was right for him to get the starting spot, but Oakland still has far too many issues on their Offensive Line. The best the Raiders can hope for is to try and ruin the playoff chances of the rest of the AFC West teams. They look like a 7-win team to me.


For this weekend: I like the Chargers over the Cardinals, the Texans over the Raiders, and the Titans over the Broncos.

Thanks for stopping by j-man. I always appreciate your insight, especially as a level-headed Broncos fan.

Everyone, please use the comments below as the open thread for today's early games.